To the Media: Please End USC Love Affair

Kody BrannonCorrespondent ISeptember 18, 2008

Is anyone else getting sick and tired of hearing about how great USC is? I know I am.

They beat an overmatched Virginia team and immediately jump to number one in the polls. Then they beat what you could call a junior varsity squad in Ohio State—and they are being called the best team in the country?

Why? Because they can beat the pants off overmatched competition?

For the last couple of seasons, the media has done nothing but tout USC as the best program in the nation. The only reason they get the best talent is because they have sports agents who reside on campus and promise all the five-star prospects an NFL career (Reggie Bush anyone?).

While it is still early in the season, you know as well as I do that as soon as USC hits eight or nine wins with no losses, all the media will call them the "greatest team ever."

Remember 2005, when the "greatest team ever" got beat in the Rose Bowl? Once again, that proves that when USC plays anybody that is worth a dang, they fold up like a rusty old lawn chair.

Pete Carroll wants to get the best talent to help him win games by huge margins so he can forget about how mediocre he was as an NFL coach. But of course, on ESPN he is called a genius for getting that talent and having a winning program in a conference that is about as tough as the Sun Belt.

If you put USC in a real conference like the SEC, then you would have a team who would be lucky to have one or two losses a year. Unlike in the weak-10, teams in the SEC play defense and can win close games.

So to all the media outlets and sports writers: Please lose your hard-on for USC. Expose them for what they really are—a bunch of five-star prospects promised a celebrity lifestyle and a guaranteed NFL career for attending USC.

Can we please focus on the teams that deserve some attention? End this USC love affair.