Boston Red Sox Prospects Report: Short Stop

JB McCandlesCorrespondent ISeptember 18, 2008

The Boston Red Sox may have found their future short stop in Jed Lowrie, but he is still very unproven at the major league level and he needs to improve many skills. The Red Sox still have a lot of talent in the minors at short.

Casey Kelly, Position: 6, Age 18

Kelly is a very athletic player. He is a very fluid fielder. He has great range and makes strong accurate throws. Kelly could be an elite defensive short stop at the major league level. He has shown great potential to be a strong power hitter, but has struggled with making contact. His strikeouts have been a reason for concern, but the ball comes off the bat well. Although he has a strong defensive ability, he can also pitch and maybe converted to a full time pitcher. He was a major recruit for Tennessee University to play QB. His pitching skills are very good. He throws low 90's fast balls with a hard curve and mixes in a change up very well. He has great command of his pitches. As a short stop he is similar to JJ Hardy and as a pitcher he is similar to a young Kevin Brown.

Yamaico Navarro, Position: 6, Age 20

Athletic short stop with a big build for a short stop. He is a solid contact/ line drive hitter. He can be a little bit to antcy in the box, but has time to improve. He can play second and third as well. He has decent range and an average arm. His glove is exceptional for his level of play and good be a premier defensive short stop in the majors. He has shown similarities to an Ozzie Smith or even an Orlando Cabrera.

Argenis Diaz, Position: 6, Age 21

Diaz is an elite defensive short stop, who will rely on his glove to get him to the show. He has an exceptional arm with great range. His bulk of errors on from throws on very tough plays. Because of his great range he makes these errors. He gets to balls that he has no business getting to and makes bad throws off the play. He lacks speed and needs to work on hitting. He can get on base, but he is more of a slap hitter.

2009 Projected Rosters

Jed Lowrie, Starter, MLB

Casey Kelly, Starter, A (Intermediate): Pitching/Short Stop

Yamaico Navarro, Starter, A (Advanced)

Argenis Diaz, Starter, AA