Boston Red Sox Prospect Report: Second Base

JB McCandlesCorrespondent ISeptember 18, 2008

The Boston Red Sox are pretty much set at second base for the next 15 years or for how ever long Dustin Pedrioa is playing major league baseball. However with Alex Cora's career turning towards the back end there will be an open spot on the bench for a middle infielder in a couple of years.

The Red Sox are very thin at middle infield within the farm system, so look for the club to make a move in the free agent market or with a trade. Alex Cora's time in Boston could be up this year. Cora's contract is up at years end and I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't resign him. The Red Sox are also most likely going to move Julio Lugo, who under achieved in his time with Boston will most likely be traded in the off season with the upbringing of Jed Lowrie. 

However the Red Sox are stacked at shortstop in the minors. We will learn about them in the shortstop report. Many of the shortstops could however turn to second basemen as their careers progress, but there is no telling of whether they will or not.  

Jeff Natale, Position: 4, Age 26

 Natale swings a great bat and has exceptional plate discipline. He has a below average glove that probably wouldn't do well at the major league level. He has experience at first base and he could be making a move to first soon. He will probably end up a DH or first basemen at the major league level.  

Chih-Hsien Chiang, Position: 4, Age 20

Chiang bats left and throws right. He is a great offensive second basemen. He has the potential to hit for power and average. He does have a large frame for a second basemen. He needs to work on his patience at the plate. His defense is sub par, but he has plenty of time to improve. He occasionally turn a routine play into an error, but has shown great range.

Possible Free Agent Signing:

Willie Bloomquist

Bloomquist is a very talented ball player who can play any position on the field. He would be a step from Alex Cora with the bat, but in terms of fielding and intelligence could be a down grade. Bloomquist would fit in well the ball club. He is a persistent hitter who reaches base often.

2009 Projected Roster:

Dustin Pedrioa, Starter, MLB

Willie Bloomquist, Backup, MLB

Jeff Natale, Starter, AAA

Chih-Hsien Chiang, Starter, AA