NBA Halftime Show Video: Watch Performer Send Himself through the Rim

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During Thursday’s Suns vs. Bobcats game, fans were treated to a performance by the Verve Sol Patrol, the Suns’ acrobatic dance team. However, what they weren’t expecting was Verve Sol Patrol member Nick Corrales nearly killing himself.

Corrales used a trampoline to launch himself towards the basket and ended up not only dunking the basketball, but also himself.

My question is, why do teams have this sort of thing?

It seems like something you would see at a minor league baseball game, not one of the most popular sports leagues in the entire world.

Are fans really going to decide not to come out to Suns games because the Verve Sol Patrol was not performing? That is ridiculous. Especially a team as exciting as the Suns.

The Verve Sol Patrol was founded in 2000. Did fans not come to games in Phoenix before then? Was Charles Barkley playing in empty home arenas?

Honestly, if you are going to an NBA game for the entertainment during timeouts and halftime, just stop going to games. It is because of people like you that the NBA has turned into a jumbotron league.

People sit in their seats and stare at the jumbotron. When the magical jumbotron says to stand up and make noise, the lemmings listen.

Gosh, it just makes me sick.

The NBA thrived in the 1980's when most teams didn’t even have jumbotrons. I wish we were back in those days when people would pay attention to the games and not some silly acrobatic display where someone goes flying through a hoop.

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