Minnesota Twins Are Nearing an End

AlexAnalyst ISeptember 17, 2008

The Twins have proven all of the so-called "experts" wrong this season. After losing one of baseball's best pitchers—Johan Santana—and one of their best offensive weapons—Torii Hunter—they're played better than anybody could have imagined. The season is slowly (and painfully) nearing an end, with just 10 games remaining.

The last few weeks have been tough to watch, but the Twins have remained in the race nonetheless. Still under three games back in the Central, the season is not yet over. But each day, each loss, and each blown game just makes the once huge series with the Chicago White Sox seem not so important.

I'm not giving up, and neither should you or the Twins. I have never given up on the team when they were down, and I never will. The young players this season have proved to us that they don't care what the critics say, and they have shown plenty of fight through the long season, filled with many ups and downs.

There have been so many chances to take the division lead over the past month, so many chances to gain that one critical game. The bullpen fell apart in August, and the Neshek injury finally came back to bite us. Without those six blown games in two weeks, or those close losses, night after night, imagine where we'd be.

Let's wait until the season is officially over to start talking about the 2009 Minnesota Twins. The season isn't over, and as they've done all season, Span, Gomez, Morneau, Mauer, and the entire youthful team will fight until the end.

They deserve all of our support until the final regular-season game on Sept. 28. For six months, they've fought to give us a team to yell for. For six months, they've given us the chance to show the big media outlets what we're really made of.

Now, for just those six last home games, whether we're one game back or four, we need to be there to show them that we're proud of their effort; and playoffs or no playoffs, we'll be there watching everyday in the future.