WWE Royal Rumble: 10 Bold Predictions for the Epic, 40-Man Battle

Adam WellsFeatured ColumnistJanuary 28, 2011

WWE Royal Rumble: 10 Bold Predictions for the Epic, 40-Man Battle

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    The first major WWE show of 2011 takes place this Sunday with the annual Royal Rumble. This event is the official start on the road to Wrestlemania. The Royal Rumble match itself is being advertised as "the biggest rumble in history," because WWE has upped the ante this year by putting 40 wrestlers into the match instead of the traditional 30.

    There are a number of interesting story-lines heading into the show and a number of possible story-lines that will begin after the show is over. To this point we don't know all of the participants in the Rumble match, which is customary because WWE always likes at least one surprise entrant.

    Besides the Rumble, there is a WWE Championship match between The Miz and Randy Orton. These two have had an interesting feud ever since Miz cashed in the "Money In The Bank Briefcase" the night after Survivor Series and won the title from Orton. Will Orton return the favor and go into Wrestlemania as WWE Champion?

    On the Smackdown side of things, Edge defends the World Heavyweight Title against Dolph Ziggler. It's an interesting matchup to say the least. Given how poorly Ziggler has been booked ever since becoming the No. 1 contender, it would be shocking to see him walk out of the arena with the belt. Although, stranger things have happened.

    So what exactly is going to happen at the Royal Rumble this Sunday?

    Here are 10 Bold Predictions about the second biggest WWE show of the year.

Layla Will Pin Natalya In The WWE Women’s Title Match

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    The WWE Women’s Championship will be defended in a two-on-one handicap match with Natalya defending against LayCool.

    In this match, Michelle McCool will hit the Faith Breaker and Layla will swoop in to pin Natalya to win the WWE Women’s Championship.

    This will lead to a rift between Layla and Michelle causing Layla to turn into a baby-face.

    This will probably be the first match on the show, since there are only four matches.

The Miz Will Pin Randy Orton Clean In The Middle Of The Ring

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    The Miz was doing a lot of great things before he became WWE Champion. His work on the microphone has always been great and as the year progressed his work in the ring got a lot better. As a result, he won Money In The Bank and cashed in the briefcase and won the WWE title.

    However, since that time he has not been booked very well at all. He has been made to look like more of a joke than an actual champion. All that will change this Sunday.

    Plans are for Miz to go into Wrestlemania as champion and defend the title in the main event of the show. People are not going to buy that unless he starts getting pushed as an actual championship caliber performer.

    Randy Orton is the second biggest star that WWE has. They want to keep him protected so badly that it has hurt the credibility of their champion. Orton does not need to be protected, he is going to be a star either way. Miz needs all the help that he can get right now.

    Miz will score a clean pinfall over Randy Orton in their WWE Championship match and look like the star that he should have been the last two months.

Surprise Rumble Entrant No. 1: Triple H

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    Does it qualify as a surprise if everyone is expecting it to happen?

    Triple H, who hasn’t been seen on WWE TV since last April, will make his long awaited return in the rumble match. However, as a twist he will not win the match.

    Sheamus will be in the ring and he will have cleaned everyone out. He will be standing alone waiting for the next entrant and it will be…Hunter.

    Triple H will want revenge for Sheamus knocking him out of action for so long that he will not care about winning the match, but making sure that Sheamus doesn’t get the victory.

    He will eliminate Sheamus, but his own momentum will take him over the top rope. The two men will continue brawling all the way to the back. This will set up a rematch between Hunter and Sheamus at Wrestlemania.

    Again, it’s not much of a surprise because everyone expects him back sooner than later. Still, it will make for an interesting story moving forward when he actually does show up.

Surprise Rumble Entrant No. 2: The Undertaker

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    Perhaps I am being a little naïve, but I see Undertaker making an appearance in the rumble match.

    Sure, he is legit hurt and had surgery to repair his shoulder, but WWE loves big surprises. Undertaker will be in this match and he will go right after Wade Barrett. Remember, it was Barrett and Nexus that buried Undertaker at Bragging Rights.

    As far as rumors go, stories are going around that Undertaker wants to wrestle Barrett at Wrestlemania and this will be a good way to get a little momentum for that feud going forward.

    As a way to protect my pick, if Undertaker doesn’t physically appear at the show, in between entrants his music will play and scare Barrett causing him to get eliminated.

    One way or another, Undertaker’s presence will be felt this Sunday.

Nexus Will Battle The Corrrrre (Or However WWE Is Spelling It)

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    There are now two Nexus factions. There is the one on Raw that is being led by CM Punk. The other group is on Smackdown and while they don’t have a “leader,” Wade Barrett is the face of that group.

    During this rumble match, members of both groups are going to come into contact with each other. This will lead to a massive brawl between all the members on both sides. Guys will eliminate each other and that will cause jealousy about which group is superior.

    All of that will end up leading to a major tag team match at Wrestlemania between the members of Nexus and The Core.

    It will only feature the secondary guys though, because CM Punk and Wade Barrett will have their own agenda both in the rumble match and at Wrestlemania.

Daniel Bryan Will Be The “Iron Man” Of The Rumble Match

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    Every year there is one guy who usually doesn’t win the rumble, but they are in the ring longer than anyone else. This year that guy will be Daniel Bryan.

    He is the best pure wrestler in the world. He deserves to be pushed as more than a mid-card performer. Sadly, with Vince McMahon being the way that he is, that’s probably all that Bryan will be in WWE career.

    However, on this night Bryan will be the wrestler that is in the ring the longest. He doesn’t have to eliminate people, because Heaven forbid we make a smaller guy look good, but he can work better than anyone else in the company.

    I would love to see Bryan get pushed into a main event position, but for the reasons that I mentioned before we know that won’t happen, so this will have to serve as his big main event push.

    Lasting longer in this rumble than any other superstar will be Bryan’s claim to fame for the 2011 Royal Rumble.

Wade Barrett Will Be The Star Of The Royal Rumble Match

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    Wade Barrett had an up-and-down 2010. It started out looking like there were going to be very big things for him. His first significant appearance after winning season one of NXT was during that memorable angle when Nexus was first introduced to the world.

    He was given a big push for a short time after that. He was even given a feud with John Cena and Randy Orton, the two top stars in the company.

    However, things really fell off a cliff. The Cena in Nexus angle was a huge disaster. Barrett was moved to Smackdown, which is probably the best thing for him. He will be the star of this year’s rumble match.

    He will eliminate a bunch of guys, look really strong and then, when the time is right, The Undertaker will appear, either physically or his music will play, and he will be eliminated from the match.

    It’s a win-win scenario. It builds Barrett up as a star, without having him actually win the rumble, and it’s another chapter to add to the Barrett-Undertaker story going into Wrestlemania.

CM Punk Will Make It Into The Final Four In The Rumble Match

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    For a while it seemed like the plan was to have CM Punk feud with John Cena and that would lead to a match, presumably at Wrestlemania. Now, it seems like that taken a back seat to all the other random crap that they have had both guys doing the last two weeks.

    That will all change during the Royal Rumble match.

    CM Punk will make it into the final four participants in the match by eliminating John Cena. That will lead to those two beginning a feud that will culminate in a match at Wrestlemania.

    It will be a great feud because both guys are very good on the microphone, well Cena is when he is spouting that lame kindergarten comedy.

    This feud will be the best thing possible for Cena, who seems to be stuck in a real rut.  The whole Wade Barrett feud ended with a huge whimper. He doesn’t need to be in the championship picture, he will be the top baby-face in the company no matter what.

    Giving him a feud with CM Punk will be a great way to get him re-energized and make people care about him again. Plus, it’s a feud between two top guys that actually hasn’t happened yet. I would much rather see Punk-Cena at Wrestlemania than another Cena-Orton match.

    Because of that I believe that Punk will be the one to eliminate Cena in the rumble and make it to the final four men in the match.

John Cena Will NOT Win The Royal Rumble

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    Everyone knows that Cena is the biggest star in the WWE today. He sells the most merchandise and brings in the most money.

    However, he should not and will not win this rumble match.

    The Royal Rumble was specifically designed as a match to get someone on the brink of being a big star and giving them that push. Cena doesn’t need that kind of push, thus his winning this match would make absolutely no sense at all.

    They can protect him and make him look like a giant killer, like they always do. But that doesn’t mean that they need him to win. It would be in the best interest of the company for him to NOT win.

    Cena can still get into a title match at Wrestlemania without winning this match. The winner of the rumble this year should be someone who was very good in 2010 and can be a main event player for a long time, but just needs that little extra push. Someone like…

Alberto Del Rio Will Win The Royal Rumble

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    Since debuting on Smackdown last summer, Alberto Del Rio has been the best all-around performer that WWE has had. His feud with Rey Mysterio was arguably the best in pro-wrestling last year.

    He has been all over the place the last few weeks saying that he is going to win the royal rumble. Usually, when WWE scripts guys to say that they are going to win the rumble it means that they are not. However, in this case they will make an exception.

    He is probably the best heel that the company has right now. He is so close to being a main event guy, the only thing that he needs is that big time main event push. This would be the perfect opportunity to give it to him.

    The WWE roster is as thin as it has ever been and they know they need to create new big time players. They will start with Del Rio, by giving him a championship match at Wrestlemania.