Injuries: Agony to Fantasy Owners.

Andy SmithCorrespondent ISeptember 17, 2008

    So the 2008-2009 football season has begun and already it's got fantasy football owners scrambling. I'm talking of course about the many injuries that have come from the NFL this year. The most shocking injury comes from the New England Patriots who lost their star quarterback Tom Brady for the season week one when he was hit by Chiefs safety Bernard Pollard and was helped off the field. Tom Brady suffered a torn ACL in his left knee causing him to have to get season ending knee surgery to reconstruct and repair the knee. All the Patriots Superbowl chances are at a halt for now. Fantasy owners are screaming at the thought of a season with out Brady.

 But it gets worse, Chargers Linebacker Shawn Merriman found out before the season started that he had two damaged ligaments in his knee that would eventually need surgery to reconstruct. Strong headed Merriman decided to get doctors oppions, and after about 4 different doctors who all told him to get the surgery and for-go this season decided to play! It was after the first game of the season that Merriman finally admitted that he needed surgery. So now he is going to miss the rest of the season to get reconstructive knee surgery. This does not help fantasy owners who were scrambling to pick up the San Diego defense in their drafts and it hurts the Chargers dfense but they are not out.... yet!

Another defensive lineman whose presence will be missed is none other than the New York Giants' Osi Umenyiora who suffered and knee injury(season ending surgery) against the New York Jets in pre-season play. Justin Tuck has filled his spot but oncde again it hurts fantasy owners who have drafted e Giants defense.

Now for players that are hurt but not out you have to look to the AFC South where Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning missed the entire pres-season due to surgery to remove a infected bursa sack in his knee. Now he isn't out for the season but he has not not been the typical Manning we know and love. Fantasy owners look at him with caution, he hasn't played at his best and has shown he is still rusty from missing the pre-season. Also his offensive line has been bitten by the injury bug  loosing almost half their O-line including legendary Center Jeff Saturday who also hurt his knee in a pre-season game against the Bengals. This worries Fantasy owners alike due to the fact that he doesn't have much protection now, making him not as efficient. And now Bob Sanders, Colts safety could miss 4 to 6 weeks with a high ankle sprain! And the injuries keep piling up.

So this year has proven if anything that when it comes to Fantasy Football, injuries are agony for any fanatasy owner. So grab a backup owners, it just might save your season. But with these injuries your season might just be over! So good luck out there to all you fantasy owners, this is going to be a LONG season!!!