WWE-TNA Debate: Will Edge Ride Off into the Sunset or Ride into TNA?

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IJanuary 28, 2011

Hey Bleachers, off here with a short article about what you think will become of the Rated R Superstar in a PG world. 

There are rumors that current world heavyweight champion Edge is looking to leave the WWE when his deal ends in 2012.

This makes me wonder a few things. Almost every wrestler that says they are going to retire eventually comes back someway. Is this the case for Edge?

I know Edge has a lot of major injuries and it may be time to retire, but could this be what will happen?

Suppose Edge does go to TNA. Could anybody see it happening? What kind of angle could become of this?

Is Edge loyal enough to just call it quits, or will he be coaxed with money to join TNA?