Active Moss is statement to Saints

Jason OContributor ISeptember 17, 2008

The Denver Broncos plan to play defensive end Jarvis Moss Sunday against the New Orleans Saints. Moss was drafted Seventeenth overall in the 2007 draft in order to solve Denver's pass rush. The powerful end was part of the defense that dismantled Heisman winner Troy Smith' draft stock in the BCS Championship. Moss has seen little time on the field in his rookie season and in the first two games of this season due to injury, poor camp performance and strong run-stopping play from veteran DE John Engleberger. Moss is set to play now, and his goals are high. The second-year end wants to record eight sacks this season.

The pass-rusher's playing time this Sunday is statement to the Saints that the Broncos are not afraid of New Orlean's running game. A ground attack that is averaging 78 yards per game for the first two games of the season. The poor execution is a result of an injury to the veteran back McAllister and Reggie Bush playing the unnatural position of halfback. Expect Denver to drive Brees into the ground several times and run up the score while New Orleans watches the point spread grow farther and farther as the shootout goes on and on.