Bernie Kosar Being Considered for a Job, but Not With the Cleveland Browns

Richard BairdContributor IIJanuary 27, 2011

1988:  Quarterback Bernie Kosar #19 of the Cleveland Browns looks for a receiver during a 1988 NFL game  (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

I was born in 1983. Bernie Kosar was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in 1985 and led them to the playoffs in his rookie year. He followed up his rookie campaign by leading the Browns to the AFC Championship game in three of the next four years.

I was weaned on Cleveland Browns football. One of my earliest sports memories was watching the infamous "The Fumble" game with my father and older brother. I still remember my father's disappointment when the Browns lost.

Like so many Browns fans of my generation, I grew up idolizing Bernie Kosar. Following the 1988 season I was Bernie Kosar for Halloween for the next three years. During neighborhood football games I wore a Bernie Kosar jersey. I once got in a fistfight with the kid down the street because he, while wearing a Bengals jersey, told me that Boomer Esiason was a better quarterback.

When Bill Belichick got rid of Bernie Kosar in 1993 citing "diminished skills" I immediately hated Belichick. I remember my father trying to explain the situation to me, but he had a hard time explaining why the most popular player since Jim Brown was summarily dismissed from the team by a coach that the fans didn't like anyway.

Bernie Kosar went on to win a Super Bowl as a backup for the Dallas Cowboys and finished his career as a Miami Dolphin.

Since that time, he has been involved with many different business enterprises with differing levels of success.

Kosar's business efforts almost always revolved around his two great loves in football: Cleveland Browns football and Miami Hurricanes football.

I understand that he and President Mike Holmgren do not share a football philosophy and he might not be "on the same page" with current Browns front office and coaching staff members.

Bernie Kosar has never coached a football team. His only experience in NFL management was serving as an advisor to Browns owner Randy Lerner. There is no guarantee that he would have any success in either role.

However, if he is being considered for front office positions or coaching positions with other NFL franchises, he deserves the chance to possibly succeed—or fail in a similar capacity with the Cleveland Browns.

Call me a "homer" if you want. That's what being a fan is all about. Bernie Kosar is—and always should be—a Cleveland Brown.