Time to say goodbye to Burrell.

Michael AmorielloContributor ISeptember 17, 2008

Well after 9 seasons playing for the Philadelphia Phillies the times appears to be right for both Pat Burrell and the Phillies to move in different directions. With Pat due to become a free agent at the end of the year the Phillies can't afford to be tied down by another long term high paying contract for a .250 left fielder. Burrell has not been able to hit above .260 in 3 seasons and is on pace to bat his lowest since that wonderful .209in 2003. But it has been all bad for Burrell this season he has played solid defense all year and has committed just 2 errors. But his bat has killed him since July, since the all star game hes hit just .209 and hit 8 home runs and drove in just 22. Those numbers are a far cry form his pre all star game stats of .275 22 hr and 57 rbi. But it's not just his skills his numbers that are down, Pat looks like his lost all confidence in himself at the dish. He is backing off of everything thrown on the inside of the plate, and chasing everything outside. His recent game of 0-5 with 5 strikeouts was hard to watch as a Phils fan. He has been receiving tips from Charlie Manuel, Mitch Williams, and 2007 MVP Jimmy Rollins. He just can't seem to find anything that is working for him. With the Phillies in the heart of the playoff race Pat is really hurting them, and it is very obvious that he has cost himself a lot of money. With free agency a few months away it is very likely Pat will get that long term big money deal he was coveting. I think he is going to wind up in the AL with a 2 year contract. This will bring a whole to the Phillies line up which is already at a loss for RH bats. The Phillies will have to do something they hate and that's spend money to find Burrell's replacement and they should look no further then Detroit for OF Maggilo Ordonez, he would provide instant protection for Utley and Howard and hit for a very high average. But he is going to cost the Phils about 11 million a season, and considering they MUST lock Howard up this off season, and talk to Cole about a deal I don't see that happening.  But with Burrell continuing to have this downward spiral it appears next weeks home-stand will be the last stand for Pat Burrell's tenure as the Left Fielder for the Philadelphia Phillies.