At an NFL Game, Where Do You Sit? Anywhere!

Zachary WishnovContributor ISeptember 17, 2008

You plan a trip to Philadelphia (assuming you were an Eagles fan) and book your flight. You book a hotel and the most important thing comes next. You buy your tickets to the Eagles game. One problem: Where do you sit?

You could get the first row at the 50-yard line or an upper-level seat in the end zone. Some cost more than others and some are harder to achieve than others. There are advantages and disadvantages to every vantage point in a stadium, which I will discuss in detail.


1. End zone upper level

These seats are the worst in the house. They are labeled as the "nosebleeds" simply because you are up so high, your nose literally starts to bleed. Not only are you the furthest away from the field vertically, you are also nowhere close to the field horizontally.

Yes, you are able to see the field as the offense sees it or defense sees it, depending on where the ball is going, but at the same time, you are way too far to comparing it to their view.

You can see if the kick is good or not and can be envious of everybody else because they have better seats than you do.


2. 50-yard line upper level

These seats are also labeled as nosebleeds. The seats are not too good, on account that what you're seeing aren't people, but ants who resemble people. The only good thing I can say about these seats are that when you view the field, it's as if you are watching the game on TV. A high-side view of the game isn't so bad but besides that, I'm not sitting up there.


3. End zone lower level

These seats are mediocre. If both teams are in your end zone, you're golden, otherwise, you're beyond screwed. When your team scores in your end zone, you get a touchdown celebration (think Lambeau Leap) and the best view in the house because you are the closest to the game.

When they are on the opposite side, the only way to tell if a team scored is how the fans reacted. I can sit here only if the price is right.


4. 50-yard line lower level

These are the best seats in the house. This is where celebrities sit, where the rich are known, and where only the passionate fans spend this much money for the best seats in the house.

Depending on the game, these can cost upwards to $1,000 a ticket! You are always in the action with this seat, unless of course either team is in the red zone. You will have a side view at all times, which is great when the ball is nearest to you, but awful when the ball heads to the other side of the field.

Being in this position is also best because you are behind one of the team's benches. The seat overall, to me, isn't worth the money, but if you got the wealth to spare, by all means.


5. Skybox (Luxury Box)

Yes, I said above that the 50-yard line, lower-level seats were the best in the house, and I stick by my choice. Why? Because I can't categorize skybox seats as regular seats. The only way to get these is to know people or be a millionaire. To rent a skybox, it costs about $50,000 (I wanted one for my birthday one year but it was too much money).

You take an elevator from the parking garage (located underneath the stadium) to your floor and walk through the wooden doors. You look to the right and see lavish foods such as grapes, cheeses, crackers, pastas, and other tasteful foods.

You look straight and see two "stadium-seating" rows of seats, which are leather lounge chairs. In front of that is a huge pane of glass and below it is the field. Every box is located on the side of the field and is directly above the lower level seats. You are inside away from the harsh weather and you can sit back and relax. it feels to be rich and important.


Now, where do you sit during a game? It totally depends on your preference and who you are. Some prefer to be right on the field and go as low as possible no matter where the seats are. Some may want a view of the entire field and go to the nosebleeds along the side of the field.

Others may want to spend their wealth so they can watch the game inside without the bothersome of fans pouring beer on them.

Where you sit during a game does not to matter to anyone but you. You are viewing the game for yourself. You bought these seats and are using them to support your team. No one cares where you sit because when the game begins, everyone is the same...a fan.