Packers Vs. Steelers: Which Team Has the Hottest Fan Base?

Eric BallFeatured ColumnistJanuary 27, 2011

Packers Vs. Steelers: Which Team Has the Hottest Fan Base?

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    The 2011 Super Bowl between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers will determine whose the better team on the field.

    That's boring.

    The real question is...which fan base has hotter chicks?

    It's no secret that girls love football and they can be very creative in the way they show their passion. Each team also has their fair share of celebrity fans. Which side will prevail?

    Let the debate's a look at which Super Bowl team has the hottest chicks.


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    The Packers are off to a good start with this fiery red head.

    Is it just me or is that shirt too small for a five-year old?

    This is Playboy playmate Jamie Edmondson in case your wondering.


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    Big Ben joke No. 1: Ben Rothlisberger should give up football and become a Jedi Knight, because everytime he wants sex he just uses the Force.


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    Wow. This Packer fan looks is ready for action right now with the jersey and sweatband. Looks like a wide receiver to me.

    Can we get her 40-time Mel Kiper?


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    She sure has a funny way of wearing her chastity belt.


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    Hut, hut, hike!

    I think Aaron Rodgers would love to take snaps from this knockout. She shows incredible balance in the heels.


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    This model scores big points for Pittsburgh.

    Miss July is showing off her terrible towel but she is showing it off in the wrong spot!

    We are left wondering what is hidden behind the towel.


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    The players wear the jersey's, but I think most guys prefer the women to just hold them the way this girl is.


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    Big Ben joke No. 2: Ben Roethlisberger's accuser is demanding a list of every single woman he has ever had sex with. Might we suggest she start with the Pittsburgh phonebook?


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    These three call themselves the "Packer Bikini Girls". Not exactly the most creative name but I applaud the effort.

    Not pictured: The three dads of these girls rocking the no-shirt look showing off the beer guts.

    What is it about Packer fans and their disdain for wearing shirts?


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    She may not be very hot, but I still would like to know what's going on in the other half of this picture. There is no way she is comfortable in that pose.


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    Not the greatest Heisman pose I've ever seen, but they receive bonus points for replacing the football with a beer.


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    OK so the chick is decent but this picture just made me laugh.

    What exactly is this guy praying for? Pretty sure most guys would like to be in his position.


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    Our first celebrity on the list, I present you with Ashlynn Brook.

    OK, she may be a pornstar, but we'll still give her celeb status.

    Brook claims to bleed green and white, which is great, but I'm shallow: it's what's on the outside that counts.


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    Hmmm...I don't know about the eye shadow on this Steeler fan. She has it caked all over up there!

    Clearly it's the only noteworthy thing about this picture.


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    They sell officially licensed Packer bathing suits?

    Where are all the hidden beaches in Green Bay that I don't know about??

    Big points for the Pack with this beauty.


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    Big Ben joke No. 3: A survey says the Yankees are the best paid figures in sports. They're followed closely by the Mavericks, the Lakers and the women Ben Roethlisberger pays to stay quiet


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    The ultimate attire for a Packers girl.

    Who knew cooking brats for your overweight boyfriend could be so sexy!


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    Is that a shirt or is she wearing a pair of boxers?

    Score one for Pittsburgh with this hot mama.


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    Uhh, not sure if you knew this, hot Packers fan, but Brett Favre hasn't played for Green Bay in three years.

    What has Brett done since his divorce from the Packers?

    He has moved on to much bigger things, like an 8-8 season with the Jets, two up-and-down years with the Vikings and a few cell phone pictures peppered with a sexual harassment lawsuit or two.

    Obviously he is better off without the Packers.


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    Wow this girl really knows how to hike the ball. The Steelers are battling injury issues at center, maybe she can get a tryout?


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    This girl looks like she can't wait for the Super Bowl.

    What better way to pass the time then half flash cameras in your backyard?


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    Since when does the NFL have officially licensed basketball's?

    Judging by the fingernails on this Steeler fan, I don't think she plays a lot of basketball or football.


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    The Packers score a touchdown with Demi Moore. She may be getting old but Demi still gets it done.

    She roots for the Packers and won the battle with her Bears loving husband Ashton Kurcher.

    Who does Pittsburgh counter with...


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    Ehhhh....her name is Becky Lee and she is a reality T.V. "star". She has been on Survivor making fires with sticks.



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    Jessica Biel is a big Pack fan. She just so happens to be a super model and mediocre actress as well.

    It was between this picture and one of her grabbing Justin Timberlake's butt on the sidelines of a Packers game.

    Advantage this picture.


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    Meet Beth Ostrosky Stern.

    She is famous because she is married to Howard Stern.

    She is also a Steelers fan that can fill out a bikini with the best of them.


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    This is Frankie Rayder.

    She has modeled for Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, DKNY...essentially all the brands your wife racks up the credit card bill with.

    She has appeared in the Victoria’s Secret fashion shows, and was in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue in 2004 and 2005.

    She was born and raised in Wisconsin and cheers for her hometown team each and every Sunday.


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    Actress Kate Mara is a big Steeler fan.


    Her great-grandfather is none other than the owner Art Rooney, Sr.

    I would say that qualifies her as a fan. She has appeared in 127 Hours, Iron Man 2 and Shooter among other flicks.


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    Yup yup. Erin Andrews is a fan of the Packers.

    Her three favorite teams are pretty random. She grew up in Florida and was a fan of the Red Sox, Celtics and Packers.

    How does she explain this?

    “That was how we used to bond on the couch; we used to root for the Boston Celtics and the Red Sox. Green Bay Packers—because he grew up a Bart Starr fan. So I grew up a Brett Favre fan. That was my connection with my father.”

    Good enough for me.

    She wins the title for hottest fan of the Green Bay Packers.


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    A Steelers fan here whole life, Gwyneth Paltrow represents her black and gold with pride.

    This blonde bombshell scores some major points for her hotness and ultra celebrity status.

    It's a strong finish for the Pittsburgh, but is it enough to take home the title of hottest fan base between the Packers and Steelers?

Final Verdict

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    This contest went into O.T.

    Both fan bases boost extremely hot chicks that like to show off their team pride in ways I didn't even know was possible.

    Wearing skimpy clothing with Steeler and Packer logos on it are a common occurance in these two groups of fans.

    The difference was in the celebs.

    The Packers boast a playmate, a super model, another super model/ actress, a smoking hot famous actress and Erin Andrews.

    The Steelers have a reality T.V. chick, a super model, a "B" list movie star and an average looking mega celeb.

    Winner: Packers