The Bengals Quest To Win The Afc North

Bob WaltersContributor ISeptember 17, 2008

When i say quest to mean win the AFC North what i mean is quest to look like a team that has a chance to beat the 2007 Miami Dolphins. I'm a Bengals fan and it hurts me to watch them suffer with a stagnant offense and little emotion every Sunday.

I didn't expect the Bengals to be really good this year but i expected them to be able to put together a decent drive. With Carson Palmer, Chad Johnson and TJ Houshmandzadeh you would think they would eve see some success in the passing game but so far i haven't seen much of anything from the offense.

The one bright spot has to be the defense and it isn't even that bright. At times it seems like at least the defense showed up to play, the secondary has done an acceptable job so far and the defense as a unit has shown improvement over last year. With a little more time i think they will be a solid defensive group.

If the Bengals want to win they need to start putting some drives together and it starts with the offensive line. They need to open the holes, they need to hold off the pass rushers so Carson can throw the ball to his talented group of wide receivers. In the first game i couldn't count the number of times Palmer was pressured in the pocket and unable to preform up to his own level. When the line gets going with the right stuff i think the team will at least be competitive.

They need a victory if for anything just to boost their confidence. I know the whole bengal nation is waiting to see flashes of 2005 and so am I.