Caroline Wozniacki: Will She Ever Start Collecting Grand Slam Titles?

Ross ColemanAnalyst IJanuary 28, 2011

Caroline Wozniacki: Will She Ever Start Collecting Grand Slam Titles?

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    Caroline Wozniacki is currently the No. 1 ranked tennis player in the World. However, those rankings are generally disregarded. What really matters is Grand Slam titles, and Wozniacki currently has none.

    Wozniacki's career could head one of two ways. She could either start winning Grand Slams and gain more notoriety, or she could go down as one of the biggest disappointments in tennis history.

    The native of Denmark has been a pro since 2005, and over the course of those five years she has a career record of 232-88, but will she ever capture that elusive Grand Slam title?

    Read on to find out, and let us know what you think.

5. No: She Could Go the Anna Kournikova Route

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    Once upon a time, Anna Kournikova peaked at No. 8 in the WTA rankings; however, she never won a Grand Slam title in her eight-year career before eventually turning to modeling full time.

    Caroline Wozniaki was voted the "The Single Most Attractive Female in Tennis" in the 2005 "Les Belles Femmes" magazine, and she is mentioned in many of Bleacher Report's hot female athletes lists.

    If Wozniaki wanted to go the Anna Kournikova route, it would not be a surprise.

5. Yes: Ranked No. 1 In the World Right Now

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    Despite not winning a Grand Slam during her first five years as a pro, Caroline Wozniacki is the top-ranked women's tennis player in the world.

    The fact that she hasn't won the big tournaments hasn't held her back from being seen as the best female tennis player alive, and at her age, that is quite a remarkable feat.

4. No: Maria Sharapova

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    Maria Sharapova may have dropped off a bit in recent years, but she is still one of the best female tennis players in the world and she is ranked No. 16 in the World rankings. She also has three Grand Slam titles and 22 WTA titles.

    She is also just 23 years old and could become a chief rival that would prevent Wozniacki from getting a Grand Slam title.

    Sharapova is young enough that she could end up bouncing back up the rankings and in turn, knocking Wozniacki out of the top spot.

4. Yes: Getting Better Every Year

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    So far in her career, Caroline Wozniacki has won 12 WTA titles, all of which have come since 2008. Each year. she seems to get a little bit better and win a little more.

    In the last three years, she has improved where she finished in each Grand Slam that she has competed in.

    If that progression continues, she will win a Grand Slam at some point.

3. No: Svetlana Kuznetsova

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    Svetlana Kuznetsova is just an example of a number of tennis players around the same age as Caroline Wozniaki who have won a Grand Slam.

    That experience and that confidence goes a long way and could be considered a big reason for why Wozniacki hasn't won yet.

    Also, Kuznetsova looks like a perfect villain for Wozniacki. I don't know if there is any history there, but she could be the Ivan Drago to Wozniacki's Rocky.

3. Yes: Changing of the Guard

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    Carolina Wozniacki is the youngest player currently ranked in the top 10 of the WTA rankings, and in fact, there are only two women who are ranked in the top 10 under the age of 25.

    Many of the top end tennis players are in their late 20s, and even a few are over 30.

    Wozniacki is the first of a changing of the guard. The top 10 will be changing drastically in the near future. 

2. No: Losing Record Against All But One of Top Five

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    According to an interview in the Wall Street Journal, Caroline Wozniacki has a winning record against just one of the top five players in the current WTA rankings. The interview did not say who that opponent was but just that she had struggled against top competition.

    "I had a great year last year, I won six tournaments, and I won against a lot of the top players," Wozniacki said. "I'm feeling confident."

    Those top five ranked opponents are going to be her main competition preventing her from winning a grand slam.

2. Yes: Wants To Win

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    One of the biggest things preventing Anna Kournikova from being a top-flight tennis player is the fact that she never seemed to really have a passion for her tennis game.

    Caroline Wozniacki genuinely wants to win.

    "It's always tough to hold onto that No. 1 ranking, it doesn't matter if Serena is there," Wozniacki said in a Wall Street Journal interview. "There are so many girls who want to reach that top spot. I'm just enjoying myself and doing my best."

1. No: Serena Williams

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    Serena Williams is currently sitting at fourth in the WTA rankings, but she has 13 Grand Slam titles, which is sixth all-time.

    Williams might be towards the tail end of her career, but she is still a force in the tennis world.

    Caroline Wozniacki might be ranked higher than Williams, but when it comes to Grand Slams, it is no contest, and it seems doubtful that she will ever reach the level of Williams.

1. Yes: Just 20 Years Old

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    That's right, Caroline Wozniacki is just 20 years old, and she is the top ranked tennis player in the world. She still has a lifetime ahead of her in the tennis world. Plenty of opportunities to win Grand Slams.

    She is still just a kid by many standards, which means she gets to make up stories about getting in fights with baby kangaroos.

Conclusion: Will Wozniacki Start Winning Grand Slams?

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    Will Caroline Wozniacki start winning Grand Slams?

    I may not be a psychic, but Wozniacki has all of the tools necessary to win multiple Grand Slams.

    I would be shocked if Wozniacki doesn't finish her career with at least four grand slam titles.