Where Do Jackets Fit Into Wide Open ACC?

Glynn McGeheeCorrespondent ISeptember 17, 2008

Even before the season started no one thought the ACC would be a powerhouse.  Most experts thought that  Clemson and Virginia Tech would handle their business pretty easily in their respective divisions while a few other teams might provide some decent competition.

Now, 3 weeks into the season the ACC looks very different.  While the ACC has not been en elite conference thus far, the favorites have not been as dominant as predicted.  Early losses and overall unimpressiveness from Virginia Tech and Clemson have given other teams reason to think they have a shot at winning the ACC.

The Yellow Jackets are one such team that had very mild expectations coming into the season but those expectations are now rising.  Tech's offense is adjusting to Coach Paul Johnson's option attack nicely, although they still have some work to do.  Meanwhile the John Tenuta-less defense has been stellar thus far. 

The Ramblin Wreck are currently 2-1 following a close 20 to 17 loss at Virginia Tech last week.  Tech's next three opponents are Mississippi State, Gardner-Webb, and Duke.  It is very possible that Georgia Tech could be 5-1 (2-1 ACC) going into their game against Clemson this year.  Georgia Tech is starting to believe that this year could be more special than they thought before the season began.  The offense will continue to improve with the option offense as the season progresses and Georgia Tech has a real shot at playing in the ACC Championship game this year.  Expect nothing less than another 7-5 season for Tech and another bowl game.  However, Tech has a shot to go beyond another mediocre season this year.  Even if Tech does produce another mediocre season, don't expect that to continue with Coach Johnson.  This program is headed in the right direction.