J.R. Smith Video: Watch Denver Nuggets Start Throw Down on the Pistons

Thomas CopainCorrespondent IJanuary 27, 2011

J.R. Smith might be one of the more indispensable players that no one really acknowledges. 

He's one of the better outside shooters in the league and does so off the bench to boot. He's also the Nuggets' sixth man and plays a lot of key minutes late in games. He's one of the last wave of high school-to-NBA players and while he's made a solid career for himself, it's hard to believe he's been around since 2004.

But he's also made a career doing things like he did against Detroit last night. 

He's probably had better throwdowns than this one against the Pistons, but it's hard to top the approach. First, there are a nice couple of moves by Ty Lawson to get him the ball followed by a no-look across-his-body pass (the assist makes this dunk even better).

But then it's Smith's turn. And perhaps it's just me, but that looks like something you'd see in a comic book or The Guardian Project Stan Lee is doing in the NHL. Smith hangs in the air, almost floating in suspended animation before finishing with a monster jam. Either that or J.R. watched the last scene of Space Jam with the MJ reach before the game.

Smith has been in slam dunk contests before, but he's never had a lot of success in them. He might be one of those guys who's a great in-game dunker but it doesn't translate to an individual contest where it's just them. Either way, it's a pretty good dunk.