UFC HWs Pat Barry and Matt Mitrione: A Hypothetical Matchup Between Teammates

Todd Seyler@toddseylerContributor IJanuary 27, 2011

Pat Barry
Pat Barry

“Duke” Roufus’s stable of fighters continues to earn notable victories within the UFC.  Roufusport Fight Club in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is comprised of UFC heavyweights Pat Barry, Matt Mitrione and the current No. 1 contender in the lightweight division, Anthony Pettis, amongst others.

Both heavyweight competitors Pat Barry and Matt Mitrione earned career advancing wins within the famed octagon at the UFC: Fight For the Troops 2 on January 22.

Pat Barry’s hand was raised after a grueling three-round slug fest with the very tough and resilient Joey Beltran.  Methodically attacking Beltran’s legs with a barrage of vicious leg kicks, Barry landed 35 of 40 leg kicks en route to his third victory inside the octagon.

His teammate from Roufusport Fight Club had a much easier challenge.  Matt Mitrione was light on his feet from the opening bell, landing a variety of hard punches to the face of Tim Hague.  The onslaught continued until the 2:59 mark of Round 1 in which Mitrione finished Hague with a succession of jaw rattling strikes.

This writer fully understands two truths with respect to these two heavyweights.  First, Matt Mitrione injured the second metacarpal of his left hand and the date of his return to the octagon is unknown. 

Secondly, these two advancing stars within the UFC heavyweight division are teammates.  And as such, may be reluctant to ultimately fight one another if that opportunity presents itself. 

My response to that quandary is if both Pat Barry and Matt Mitrione continue to develop inside the octagon, their paths will eventually cross.  Business is business, teammates or not.  So to quote “Big” John McCarthy, “Let’s get it on!”

Hypothetically, how would these two teammates match up against one another? 

First, Pat Barry would have the edge in the stand up game.  A former K-1 kick boxer, Barry’s ability to throw any strike from any position makes him very lethal.  Additionally, his leg kicks are crippling and can change the complexion of any fight instantly.

Secondly, Matt Mitrione’s development on his feet has been remarkable since his days on The Ultimate Fighter reality show.  However, Mitrione’s stand up is not world class like Barry’s.  But Matt would have the advantage in the grappling department.  His background in Brazilian jiu-jitsu would clearly dominate Pat’s lack of talents on the ground.

Even though Matt Mitrione would score points on the mat and Pat Barry would have the advantage in the stand up, both fighters have a propensity to stand and bang in the center of the octagon.  Matt Mitrione is a fierce competitor and would test his talents against the more seasoned striker in Pat Barry. 

Egos and gym notoriety would also come into play with this matchup.  Therefore, I could see exchanges between these two heavyweights until one is knocked out.  A lethal head kick from Pat Barry would be the end of Matt Mitrione’s night in this contest.

When the sweat is wiped and the blood is clotted, Pat Barry’s hand would be raised in victory.  The UFC is founded on one premise: Champions are not made in moments.  They are made over careers.  And to be the best, you have to beat the best.  Teammates or not, these two “Duke” Roufus prodigies will realize this reality in their futures and this fight will eventually become a reality.

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