The Greatness That Is Greg Jennings

Aren DowCorrespondent ISeptember 17, 2008

In a league full of prima donna wide receivers, the Green Bay Packers are incredibly fortunate to have Greg Jennings. A budding superstar, Jennings impressed the league last year with 12 touchdowns, which tied him for fourth in the league.

This was amazing with only 53 receptions, scoring nearly every four times he touched the ball. His 920 yards were 29th in the league, which is still impressive considering how well Brett Favre spread the ball around last year.

At 5'11", he still continually gets above corner backs, including a spectacular jump ball in Week One against the Vikings. The attitude that Jennings brings to the field is just as important as his touchdowns and yardage.

The Packers' receivers were widely recognized in excelling in "yards after catch." Jennings has learned well from Donald Driver in breaking tackles and maneuvering to get that extra yard.

He also goes down field to throw blocks for his fellow receivers, helping move the ball every yard they can get.

"Gregorius" looks even more improved this season. While he has yet to find the end zone this season, Jennings receives an enormous amount of credit for getting them there.

Currently leading the league in yards with 258, Jennings has come down with bombs of 56 and 62. He has thrived with Aaron Rodgers with an incredible 23.5 YPC this year.

So what sets apart Greg Jennings from most of his fellow receivers in the league?

His humble nature and great personality. Most receivers would want to redo their contract after the year Jennings had, but he had said nothing about the half-million he is set to make in 2008.

Jennings has also raised charities for the Kalamazoo area and "Habitat for Humanity." His work ethic is also a stark contrast compared to Javon Walker, the man he was essentially traded for.

He is critical to the West Coast offense that Mike McCarthy runs. The system calls for short and secure passes, and Jennings excels on the slants.

What makes the system so effective, though, is that at any time the deep ball could be thrown. Jennings did it last year successfully, including the winning touchdown in overtime against the Broncos.

I remember the year Jennings was drafted, 2006. He was called upon to be the second wide receiver. His route running was awful, and he was out of sync with Favre. Jennings has greatly matured since then, and I have no qualms predicting a Pro Bowl selection and 1,200 yards to boot this year.

This Sunday against Dallas, Jennings will be of great importance once again as two juggernauts from the NFC meet. Roy Williams is also out of the game, leaving Courtney Brown to cover Jennings over the top, a matchup McCarthy will be sure to target.

With receivers such as Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens calling attention to themselves and creating problems over the years, to find as talented and humble a receiver as Jennings is truly a great thing for the Packers' organization.