My Thoughts On the Dallas Cowboys After Week Two

James WilliamsonSenior Writer ISeptember 17, 2008

I received an email asking for my analysis on the Dallas Cowboys and their status in the NFL. I don't know if this was a wide-spread email or specific, but I do have an analysis to give on the Dallas Cowboys.

They are fantastic. They are the Super Bowl team in my opinion. I have Terrell Davis on stating that he has the Boys penciled in for the Super Bowl. I will answer two questions given in the email and hopefully you, the reader, will see my point.

Question 1. Which newcomers have surprised you with early contributions?

Well first off, I have been following this team since the Super Bowl and free agency. I was one of the few students in the world who couldn't wait for the offseason to end. I have studied films, stats and draft reports on almost every Cowboy. Only one thing has surprised me when it comes to this new team, and that was the kick return by Felix Jones. Special teams is the one-third part of the game where Dallas has trouble on. I knew he was explosive but I didn't think he would get the blocking he got.

Adam Jones has yet to impress me. I was hoping for an interception or a really good punt return from this return master. In his defense though, none of the Cowboys has had an interception, so I am patient to see if he can be the next Deion Sanders (his mentor and close friend).

Mike Jenkins was always a physical corner in college and he hasn't changed here. I was very impressed at pass deflection he had on Monday, which prevented a possible touchdown. He has made several tackles and is definitely learning from Anthony Henry and Terence Newman.

Felix Jones is everything I expected. Explosive and quick. This guy rushed for over a thousand yard as a backup runningback in college! I knew that those two backs would have great careers if injuries were avoided. This guy is great period.

Martellus Bennett has been effective as a tight end with a 20 yard reception on Monday. He will prove to be a worthy asset in the future.

These new additions put the Cowboys over the top. The rest of the team needs to get back its form (mainly Newman) and this team, if at its best, will win the Super Bowl.

Question 2. Which rookies do you expect to emerge as the season wares on?

Any of them that get playing time will emerge in my opinion. Jenkins and Jones already have. Cornerback Orlando Scandrick and tight end Martellus Bennett will if given the chance period. This franchise is historic for its ability to teach and improve.

Jerry Jones may be hated for firing Tom Landry. He may be the evil businessman who worships the devil. He may be an alien with no heart for all we know, but what is obvious is he is dedicated to this team and to winning. He is far from stupid and has taken every action necessary to plug up the missing pieces to this jigsaw puzzle. It is now up to the puzzle itself to do its job. And I believe it will.