Disaster Strikes Suddenly for the Washington Redskins

Ian PhilipAnalyst IIIJanuary 5, 2008


every football game, you can look to a few key plays that, made or blown, determine the outcome of the game. 

One play stood out to me as a disaster for the Washington Redskins in their playoff battle against the Seattle Seahawks

The Redskins’ Chris Cooley has to be kicking himself for dropping that pass inside the Seahawks' three-yard line in the fourth quarter. 

The Redskins were red-hot after storming back from a 13–0 deficit late in the game, only to see all that momentum slip away. 

With the 'Skins up 14–13 at the time of the drop, the magic could have turned into an eight-point leade if Cooley made that catch.  But Cooley couldn't control the ball on the way to the ground. 

Even worse, instead of going up 17-13, the kicker missed the ensuing 30-yard field goal, allowing the Seattle Seahawks, along with their "12th Man" fans, to take over the game. 

Seattle blasted the Redskins with 22 unanswered points to finish the game, including a couple of desperate passes thrown by Todd Collins that were picked off and taken to the house. 

The Redskins played their butts off, but learned one play can turn a probable victory into a blowout loss—or at least contribute heavily to it.