Fantasy Football - How do I choose my #2 RB?

Patrick JohnsContributor ISeptember 17, 2008

The days of 40+ rushes a game for a single running back are gone.  In is the new style of resting backs in order to extend their shelf life.  So with so many running backs being given 50% of their team's carries, who can you depend on week after week?  The real problem is the #2 RB.  You are sure to have picked a strong RB first, then the other ones left all seem about the same.  Perform the following steps in deciding who starts and who sits every week.

 -The best thing to do right away is to research the defenses who will try to stop your man.  At this point in the season, not enough information can be found, but look at the trends from last year, and you should have a pretty good idea of how they stop the run.

 -Figure out who your RB's quarterback is.  If the passing game is strong, it will open up the holes for the running backs.  Conversely, the team will pass more, and your running back will receive less carries.

 -Ask yourself if the running back's team will probably win the game.  If yes, then it is very beneficial, because the team will run the ball more at the end to make the clock run.  Extra carries = extra yards = extra points.

 -Does your RB share a good percentage of his carries with another running back on the same team?  This is not good; yards and TDs will be inconsistent from game to game and it is difficult to predict stats for these guys.

 -Is your team's defense adept?  The more they can stop the other team, the more possession time your team will get, which translates to more carries.

Follow these simple steps to lead your fantasy team to victory.  Picking the right RB each week can mean the difference between a 12-5 record and a 9-8 one.