New York Mets Collapse No.2—Who's to Blame?

Brett SalupContributor ISeptember 17, 2008

Sometimes I think Omar Minaya's job is to hurt this organization.

Every baseball fan will tell you that the New York Mets 2007 collapse was mainly due to the bullpen. So what does General Manager Omar Minaya do to improve the bullpen?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Omar Minaya did not make one trade or one free agent signing to improve the biggest weakness on the team.

You can make a very good argument that the Mets lost in 2006 because of the bullpen. Wagner cost them two games, and everyone remembers Aaron Heilman costing the Mets in Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS.

Since the trade deadline in '06, Omar Minaya's only move was getting Johan Santana—a move the Minnesota Twins were forced to make when both the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox turned them down.

Yet, Omar remains unscathed and seems in no danger in losing his job. Willie Randolph did (and rightfully so), but Omar's job is safe.

Opportunities like this don't come along too often. The great New York Yankees haven't even won a World Series since 2000.

If it weren't for Omar's lack of trading, the Mets would have won in 2006, probably 2007, and would have been in prime position to win in 2008. I haven't even mentioned the horrible four-year contract he gave Luis Castillo!

This team has battled all season and has had to watch the bullpen blow game after game.

How much can these guys take?

Jerry Manuel has done an amazing job with the hand he's been dealt, but how ownership continues to let Omar get away with this is beyond me.