BYU's Jimmer Fredette: One of College Basketball's All-Time Greatest Ballers!

Scott LambsonContributor IIIJanuary 27, 2011

Jimmer Freddete gets mobbed by fans after scoring 43 points in BYU's 70-58 win over previously undefeated and #4 ranked San Diego State.
Jimmer Freddete gets mobbed by fans after scoring 43 points in BYU's 70-58 win over previously undefeated and #4 ranked San Diego State.

Prior to Wednesday night's titanic match-up with #4 ranked San Diego State, Jimmer Fredette had already cemented his legacy in Provo, Utah as the greatest BYU baller ever.

However, after dropping 43 points on the nations largest stage, leading the Cougars to a 71-58 win over the No. 4 Aztecs, Jimmer, with a doubt, just cemented his legacy as one of college basketball's all-time greats.

In a performance for the ages, with a national spotlight shining down on him, Jimmer single-handedly carved up the undefeated Aztecs in just about every way possible.

A 20-point night was expected, a 30-point night would have satisfied his critics, but 43?

Again? For the fifth time?

How many times is Jimmer Jammer going to go off for 40-plus? Are you kidding me?

Jimmer Fredette is simply "amazing" and if you haven't seen his music video, a song written for him by his brother TJ, check it right now below and be amazed some more.

Jimmer is old school. He's a throwback. He's not what you are used to seeing on your television screen.

He''s not sleek, but he's smooth, he's not exploding with athleticism, but he can't be defended. He's not that tall, but he shoots like a 6'9 Larry Bird and sees the floor like a 6'9 Magic Johnson.

He's not overly quick, but he has a cross over dribble the likes not seen since Tim Hardaway.

Put plain and simple: Jimmer Jammer is the complete package and in my lifetime, I haven't seen a player with the overall skill set that he possesses.

I mean, how do you stop a guy that can legitimately score from the moment he crosses the half court line?

How do you defend a player with 40 feet range, a cross over dribble, and the ability to get to the basket, float in mid air and release a soft, nothing but net, three footer?

You can't, and nobody has.

Does Jimmer have his doubters?

Of course he does. Let's not forget that he plays for BYU, one of the most, if not "the" most hated team's in the nation.

However, after tonight, the naysayers have no more credibility. Nope, not anymore, not after what we all just witnessed.

The naysayers hoped he would be held under thirty points.

He scored 43.

The naysayers hoped he would lose to the undefeated Aztecs.

He won, and nearly by himself.

For all the so called experts who say Jimmer plays in the Mountain West and therefore doesn't count, "Fredette" about it, nobody is buying it anymore.

Jimmer may not play in the ACC or Big Ten, but Jimmer just Jimmered the No. 4 ranked team in the land with everybody watching.

Even the great NBA all-star Kevin Durant had to admit that Jimmer was "the greatest scorer in the world," when he tweeted soon after watching BYU take down the Aztecs.

If you don't think Jimmer is special, then to be quite honest, you don't know anything about basketball.

If you happen to think that Jimmer's come around often, then you don't know your history.

Sure, there may be great players year in and year out, but only once in awhile do you get a superstar who consistently makes you rise off the couch, scratch your head, and say "Amazing!"

There are two definitions for the word "Jimmered."

1. To be defeated by Jimmer Freddete.

2. To have the priviledge of watching the great Jimmer Fredette.

Have you been Jimmered?

If not, tune in soon, players like Jimmer are an extremely rare baller to behold.