Colts Have More Injuries Than Jackass, But Manning Will Find A Way.

Aaron GlennContributor ISeptember 17, 2008

The t.v. show "Jackass" is all about finding new and exciting ways to hurt each other on camera.  I can't help but notice that for the colts, this year seems like the movie, not one of the single episodes.

It started in preseason.  Pro Bowl center Jeff Saturday was seen limping more than Jay Z, with a knee injury.  Doc says it might be week 5 before he's back, and thats being considerate.  So i wonder, who hit him? and what weapon did we use this time? Was it the toaster oven or the ironing board that smacked poor Jeff's knee?

Lets not even mention the rest of the colts front line is out, and there are three rookies trying to stop defenders with the likes of Brian Urlacher and Darren Sharper.  Manning is still in fits with his knee, and wont likely be fully healthy for at least a few weeks.  I think even the towel boy was injured at some point.

If you are a colts fan you're probably pretty worried right now.  Well you shouldn't be and I'll tell you why.  The colts won 13 games last year with a banged up roster.  Now, lets throw in the Bob Sanders injury.  This one hurts more than ever.  5-6 weeks is the expected recovery time for the high-ankle sprain he aggrivated in last weeks game against the Vike's.  The defense was already really suspect against the running game.

I look for Jacksonville to run all over the defense all day come sunday.  But the colts will still win the football game.  Manning, no matter what he's facing, seems to pull it out most of the time.  Remember when the colts were losing to the Buc's, and Manning led the colts to 28 points in less than 6.5 minutes?  Well, that might have to happen on Sunday, but mark my words.  The injury plagued Colts, are still a viable force to be reckoned with.