What Does Notre Dame Have to Do to Beat Michigan State

Bob WaltersContributor ISeptember 17, 2008

This Saturday Notre Dame will face a tough test in Michigan State. The spartans always play the Irish close and it is usually a close game. The key for notre dame will be to stop Michigan states running game with is lead by the highly talented javon ringer. So far this season Ringer has rushed for 498 yards and 9 touchdowns on 104 carries. He carried the ball 43 times for 282 yards and 2 touchdowns in the most recent game against florida Atlantic. He can get the job done and Notre Dame needs to control the line of scrimmage and stop ringer from hurting them. The Michigan State passing game has potential but it is not entirely consistent, there are speed at the receiver positions but Notre Dame should be able to cover them well.

On offense if Notre Dame can keep building on the production they have had the last few games then they should be in good shape. Look for Golden Tate to make some big plays at receiver. So far this year Notre Dame has given up 0 sacks which is a vast improvement over last year, if the line can keep clausen safe then the chances are only higher that Notre dame pulls out the victory. The running game is improving slowly but surely with a team total 113 rushing yards last week against a supposedly strong Michigan front 7.

Look for it to be a close game

ND 24 MSU 17