Houston Alexander Lasts Longer Than Eight Seconds

Ash AndersonContributor ISeptember 17, 2008

Houston Alexander was in action tonight during the UFC’s Ultimate Fight Night 15. He was taking on Eric Schafer.

Alexander got off to a really good start with two knees right to Schafer's head. He then went immediately into ground-and-pound mode.

Schafer’s great Jujitsu allowed him to escape, though. Towards the end of round one he began dominating Houston Alexander with some massive elbows from mount. With only 10 seconds left in the round, Schafer made Alexander tap-out to the arm triangle.

While Alexander was the favorite for the bout, facing Schafer in front of his home crowd, it just wasn’t enough. Let's look on the bright side, though. He didn’t get knocked out in eight seconds like he did in his fight at Fight Night 13 in which he was taken down with a superman punch by James Irvin.

This now puts Alexander on a three-fight losing streak.