WWE Royal Rumble: Big Ways to Shock The WWE Universe

Adrian ReyesContributor IJanuary 27, 2011

WWE Royal Rumble: Big Ways to Shock The WWE Universe

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    Hello, fellow Bleachers!

    The 24th annual Royal Rumble is just a few days away and I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering how WWE creative will surprise us this year. Every year since the Rumble's inception, we have been treated to surprises from Mr. McMahon and his creative team.

    Some big moments include: 1995 when Shawn Michaels skinned the cat after it was thought that he had lost but came back in to win the Rumble after entering No. 1.  1997 was when Stone Cold was eliminated without the referees realizing it and entering back in the ring to throw out Bret Hart to win his first of three Rumbles.  2004 had a real nice surprise when Undertaker's GONG went off at No. 13.  It was the first time we had heard it in years.  And 2008 had the triumphant and shocking return of John Cena from injury.

    All this makes me wonder what's going to happen this year. That's why I've come up with a few ways for WWE to shock us this year and I'm pretty sure most of you would agree.  So take a look and give feedback with your comments and thoughts.  Here we go!

Dolph Ziggler Wins World Heavyweight Title

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    There is no way I see WWE giving Ziggler the gold on Sunday.  As good as Ziggler is in the ring, he's not a bankable champion just yet.  Most of the heat Ziggler gets is from his association with Vickie Guerrero.  I feel at the moment she has a better shot of winning the title than him.

    That's why it would shock me if Ziggler won the gold.  There is, however, two ways that WWE could go about him winning:

    One would be with the interference of the Corre (still don't get that spelling) or the other could be a returning Christian, causing his former "brother" the title.  I don't see the latter happening since our best bet is that when Christian returns, he will go after the man that put him on the shelf, Alberto Del Rio.  But hey, anything is possible.

Sheamus Eliminates Triple H

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    We all know the King of Kings is returning at the Rumble Sunday night and is coming to get revenge on the man that took him out, King Sheamus.

    Sure, Sheamus will probably be obliterated by the Game and then be eliminated but WWE should not take that approach.  If WWE lets Sheamus Brogue Kick Hunter out of the Rumble while he's occupied with another superstar, it would make the Celtic Warrior look strong and not the underdog in the feud. 

Huge Surprise Entrants

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    I'm not talking a surprise like Triple H or Christian, since we know they are soon to return from injury.  I'm talking a surprise like Goldberg, Kevin Nash or even Sting.  With WWE trying to do something WCW theme at 'Mania this year, why not have a big WCW star appear in the Rumble?

    Sting might be the least likely, but imagine the pop if he were to appear.  That goes for any of these stars.

    Also a surprise could be someone like Randy Orton after losing his title match to Miz earlier in the night.  I think the crowd would go nuts if Orton's music blasted through the speakers and he ran out to enter the rumble.  This is definitely a possibility with the rumble now having 40 superstars.

The Undertaker Returns

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    Okay, so maybe this won't happen but imagine if it did?  Here's the perfect scenario for it too.

    Nexus and the Corre are battling it out when the countdown clock hits zero and then "GONG!"  Lights go out and when they come back on, Undertaker has eliminated both groups and is holding a member in the tombstone position.  The crowd goes crazy as he hits it and exits the ring to chase the factions to the back, not worrying about winning the rumble but getting vengeance.

    And if your wondering why Nexus/Corre? They are the ones that helped bury him just a few months ago and it's rumored he'll wrestle Barrett at WrestleMania.  His return would definitely help justify buying the Rumble.

Cena Doesn't Win the Rumble

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    Right now, everyone's pick to win the Royal Rumble is John Cena.  Why is that you might ask?  Well for one, the event is taking place in his hometown.

    Two, WWE has been foreshadowing a Cena/Miz feud the last few weeks on Raw.

    And three, the most important of them all, he's John Cena, the poster child of the WWE.  The guy doesn't need the Rumble win since he's always on top and is always going to be on top.  To give him the win would be a waste.

No Former Heavyweight Champion Wins Rumble

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    Cena, Punk, Mysterio, Kane, Sheamus and Triple H should NOT win the Rumble.  The Rumble is meant to elevate the status of a superstar and shoot them to the main event picture.  All these men have been there and are already there so they don't need the win.

    Someone like Alberto Del Rio, John Morrison or Wade Barrett could benefit hugely from winning the big match.  Morrison winning also could set the stage for a long rivalry that the Internet Wrestling Community has been waiting for with the Miz.


    If you have any other ideas or comments, please post them.  Catch you next time fellow bleachers!

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