Thigpen Named Chiefs Starter For Week 3

Mike EnrightContributor ISeptember 17, 2008

I thought you "Play to Win the Game."  I took that quote straight from the Kansas City Chiefs head coach Herman Edwards.  If that is so true, then somebody tell me why Tyler Thigpen is our new starting quarterback.  The kid from Coastal Carolina doesn't have nor will he ever have NFL quarterback talent.  He can't make the reads quick enough, he can't read defenses before the snap, and most importantly he doesn't have the swagger to start in the NFL.  Funny, that sounds a lot like our first starting quarterback...Brodie Croyle.  This article isn't to blast Thigpen.  Hell, Thigpen might bring a spark to this Chiefs football squad that looks miserable thus far.  This article is about how we got to Thigpen in the first place.  We haven't drafted a QB higher than the third round since 2006.  That pick was Brodie Croyle.  Chiefs personnel sat in the war room year after year and thought in 2006 they landed the next Len Dawson, Steve Deberg, or Joe Montana.  How can you expect an athlete as frail and injury prone as Croyle to start 16 games in the NFL.  Brodie was hobbled his senior year of high school with a nagging knee injury.  During his sophomore year at Alabama he suffered a shoulder injury and cracked ribs.  His junior year he tore his ACL.  Still Chiefs scouts thought this guy could play more games in a season against bigger stronger athletes without getting hurt.  Well, he has played in two seasons with the Chiefs now, and both times he has gotten hurt.  I'm sure Brodie is a nice guy and he is a good athlete, but there is no way he can hack it in the NFL.  With Chiefs scrambling to salvage this 2008 season we have turned to Tyler Thigpen.  If you missed the week two game against Oakland consider yourself lucky.  That was the worst display of NFL football I have ever seen.  It might be the worst game I have EVER seen period.  Sorry to say it Chiefs fans but get the brown paper bags out if you're heading to Arrowhead.

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