Can Florida State Do It?

Yates BoykinCorrespondent ISeptember 17, 2008

The Atlantic Coast Conference can be described as a joke so far this football season. With all of that set aside, there is a team that can win this conference as easily as it did in the 90's.

This team is Florida State. Those of you haters, go ahead and get your laughs out. This is serious.

In Florida State's first two games of the season, they dominated like they were supposed to. Of course, these teams were Western Carolina and Chattanooga, but the Seminoles won without many key starters: Preston Parker, Budd Thacker, and so on.

This Saturday is the first real test for the 'Noles when they host Wake Forest. I will be attending that game and I am very excited. I am not only excited about that particular game, but the whole season. I'm not the only one. Those first two games aroused the Seminole nation, and there is a reason for that.

As I stated above, Clemson and Virginia Tech lost games they were supposed to win. Florida State is not picked to win the ACC, but those losses came from the "strongest" teams in the conference. This is one reason why the Seminole nation is excited and very hopeful for this season.

Of course, there is also the team. 'Nole fans are not just depending on other teams' performances, they are depending on Jimbo Fisher's offense and Mickey Andrew's defense to win this conference and finish the season with a strong record.

The offense is led by sophomore quarterback Christian Ponder. He was chosen starter over senior Drew Weatherford. Ponder looked extremely promising in the first two games, throwing six touchdowns and no interceptions.

Some say he is the savior of Florida State. With all of the dynamic wide receivers that Florida State has, Ponder has the chance to become that savior and make the Seminole offense a threat once again.

Not everything rides on Ponder though. A young and inexperienced offensive line will have to protect him. So far, there has not been any trouble with the offensive line, but it will prove to be the biggest weakness as the season goes on.

That is why Christian Ponder was picked over Drew Weatherford. Ponder is much more versatile.

As they say, defense wins ballgames. Defense has always been a strength for the Seminoles. This year it stays the same, and it will be led by Everette Brown and his defensive line.

A lot of people have been skeptical of Florida State's defensive line. They have a reason to: the line is inexperienced and shallow. But if Florida State wants to win, Brown will have to show up and lead. 

The linebackers and defensive backs are pretty stout. But the d-backs will have to stop the big plays, which was a problem last season.

There is not a lack of experience or depth this year, so the 'Nole d-backs have no excuse. They are not the weakness this year, and they need to keep it that way.

With all of these things in mind, Florida State can win the ACC and get a BCS berth. If they keep playing like they have, those two aspirations are definitely possible.

Now we wait and see if head coach Bobby Bowden can lead his Seminoles and maybe get some wins along the way.