Place Your Bets: Cowboys At The Packers And Other Predictions For Week 3

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Place Your Bets: Cowboys At The Packers And Other Predictions For Week 3

Alright, alright, I heard you.  Steve didn't do as well as he promised.  But seriously, who knew the Seahawks would stink so bad, that Denver was actually good, and the Redskins...we won't even go there.  Either way, this week is guaranteed to be much better, now that teams are starting to settle into their niches.

Last week's key game, the New England Patriots at the New York Jets was not quite the match-up it was predicted to be.  The Jets looked pretty bad against a New England team that was supposed to be directionless after the loss of Tom Brady.  Now they have to go up against San Diego, a team that's steaming mad from losing by one point due to a bad/paid-for call.

It turned out the real games to watch were San Diego at Denver and Philadelphia at Dallas, both of which had loads of offense, no defense, and remained undecided until the last minutes of the games.  Who knew football could be this exciting...oh wait, I did.

Anyway, given some spectacular and some stingy performances last week, this week's picks should be in the bag.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Kansas City Chiefs at Atlanta Falcons

Being ranked second-to-last in the league is bad, but who knew the Kansas City Chiefs would be that bad.  They're definitely going to have a tough season, and if they want to make it a little less unbearable, they need to beat the Falcons.  However, the Falcons still have the offense to shove it down the throats of lesser teams, and they're at home.  Winner: Atlana Falcons

Oakland Raiders at Buffalo Bills

I didn't think it was possible for Oakland to score that many points in a month, much less one game.  Apparently they're not as bad as their Week 1 performance indicated...or maybe they still are.  Seeing how Buffalo is 2-0, at home, and coming off a comeback victory in Jacksonville, they look unstoppable this week.  Winner: Buffalo Bills

Cincinnati Bengals at New York Giants

Let's face it, the Bengals are terrible.  They've only scored one offensive touchdown in two weeks.  That's bad, that's real bad.  They're going to have to do a lot better than that to beat the Super Bowl champion New York Giants at home after they crushed St. Louis 41-13.  Personally, I don't think it's possible.  Winner: New York Giants

Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots

Ha ha ha ha!  Oh, wait.  You were serious?  Let me laugh even harder.  HA HA HA HA!  Winner: New England Patriots

Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans

After getting Week 2 off due to a hurricane destroying their stadium, the Houston Texans should be well rested for their upcoming game in Tennessee.  However, the Titans have had it easy and will continue to have it easy, plus they're good now.  Winner: Tennessee Titans

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Chicago Bears

The Buccaneers look like they might keep their "new" quarterback as the starter, but they still need a better defense than they have now if they want to win in Chicago.  And so what if the Bears lost last week against Carolina?  It was over 100 degrees!  Also, they have a defense.  Period.  That should be enough to stop Tampa Bay.  Winner: Chicago Bears

Arizona Cardinals at Washington Redskins

With a qualified quarterback in Kurt Warner and no turnovers in two games, the Cardinals are, somehow, amazingly, the team to beat.  The Redskins did have a very good game against the Saints last week, but can they keep it going?  Winner: Arizona Cardinals

Carolina Panthers at Minnesota Vikings

The Panthers are undefeated with their best defense in living memory.  This plus the barely mediocre Vikings QB, Tarvaris Jackson, and this one is basically a no-brainer.  Winner: Carolina Panthers

New Orleans Saints at Denver Broncos

The Saints looked like their old selves last week against the Redskins.  The Broncos, however, look better than ever.  With an offense like that, it's easy to see who will pull this one out.  Winner: Denver Broncos

Detroit Lions at San Francisco 49ers

This is a hard one, only because it's a guessing game of "who is more horrible?"  The Lions let the Pack score 24 points in the last six minutes last week.  That's the worst I've ever heard.  Now the 49ers do have a somewhat improved offense, but they need to protect the passer a lot better.  This game goes to the home team.  Winner: San Francisco 49ers.

St. Louis Rams at Seattle Seahawks

After only scoring one offensive touchdown in two games, the Rams look to be riding down the road to Misery.  The Seahawks aren't looking too much better.  Hopefully a home game against the worst team in the league will lift their spirits.  Winner: Seattle Seahawks

Pittsburgh Steelers at Philadelphia Eagles

After soundly thrashing Cleveland, the Steelers have kept themselves in the #1 spot in the AFC.  Philadelphia showed they aren't the crummy team they were last year by staying neck-and-neck with the Cowboys in last week's Monday Night Showdown.  This should be another close one folks, but we'll give it to the 2-0 team.  Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers

Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens

If the Browns want a shot at the playoffs this year, they're going to have to put it in high gear when they visit Baltimore in Week 3.  Baltimore, however is coming, off a win and then a surprise bye, thanks to Hurricane Ike.  They should be healthy enough to hand it to the Browns.  Winner: Baltimore Ravens

Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts

If Jacksonville wants to keep from being 0-3, they need to pick up the run game.  What happened since last season?  The fact that the Jags have no run game currently may be the run-defense-impaired Colts' only chance.  That and they're at home.  Winner: Indianapolis Colts

***Game of the Week*** Dallas Cowboys at Green Bay Packers

This is gonna be another good one.  The two best teams in the NFC going head-to-head.  The Cowboys could be tired from their all-out battle against Philly last week, and the Packers are at home coming off two easy wins.  This is the battle for the NFC.  Green Bay has everything to prove here.  If they can win, then those "Favre was better" jeers may stop haunting poor Aaron Rodgers.  But I don't think it will happen.  Dallas has too many offensive weapons and they don't leave enough of an opening on defense to let their position as "best team in the league" slip.  This should be close though, and very exciting.  Game of the Week Winner: Dallas Cowboys

Monday, September 22, 2008

New York Jets at San Diego Chargers

After a poor showing against the Pats at home, the Jets seem to be back to their 2007 selves.  What they need is a decent receiving corps and some kind of defense.  The Chargers will not have it easy though, but they have to win this one if they want to have a good season.  This was tough to call, but when in doubt, always go with the home team (sorry, Brett).  Winner: San Diego Chargers

Well, that's it for Week 3's games. Hopefully they won't be as disappointing at Week 2's.  Those were awful.  I mean, seriously, who thought the [expletive deleted] Denver Broncos would [expletive deleted] [expletive deleted]...

Stephen Bands is a Senior at UMBC.  He studies this sort of thing so listen up and listen good.

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