Red Sheet 24/1/11: Nexus vs. Corre, the Royal Rumble Event and More

Tom CuthbertsonContributor IJanuary 26, 2011

Before the Red Sheet, I'd like to point out that the Blue Sheet likely won't be taking off, due to recent unforeseen time constraints.

- Did anyone else feel that they were trying to push the Corre and their attack on Edge by taping his ribs? Off the top of my head, I can't recall that ever happening with the Nexus attacks. Also, Edge has made a habit of taking shots at Michael Cole every time he appears on Raw.

- It took Edge a mere 1:08 to throw Swagger, McIntyre and Kidd over the top rope on Raw. How long do you see these guys lasting in the Royal Rumble match? Will Swagger be used as outright filler, or will he have a reasonable performance?

- Did anyone else notice how slow and spaced out the Nexus were coming down the ramp? Kind of a mixed message from Captain Straight-edge. Also, I didn't see Batista the Younger being Welsh coming. Wow.

- Very interested in Tarver's appearances on Raw and Smackdown. What is he doing backstage? What are the plans for him? Will he show up on Smackdown? Hopefully, he'll be joining up with Corre. Better late than never, right?

- Alberto DelRio! He may well be one of my picks to win the Rumble this year. Anyone else out there think that DelRio has a chance? Or will he be akin to Ted DiBiase or Kofi Kingston from last year's Royal Rumble?

- King Sheamus has now gone eight weeks, nearly two months, without a pinfall victory to his credit. This, coupled with his appearance in the over-the-top rope thing last week on Raw, makes me think that Sheamus may possibly be relegated to the mid-card soon. What do you think?

- It sounds ridiculous now, but I wouldn't be surprised if 15 or so years from now, people started drawing comparisons between the Miz and the Rock. Especially if the Miz starts to hit his stride in the next few months.

- If Miz isn't an established main event talent yet, then I feel his match with Edge on Raw helped him get there. The two put on a 16+-minute, near PPV-quality match. I for one believed there was a chance that Miz might get the pinfall victory over Edge, but alas, Miz is still seeking a defining win over a main eventer. I'm hoping this comes at the Royal Rumble.

- Nexus seems to have lost some of its luster as of late. Could it be the fact that the faction is Nexus in name only, with only one of the original seven still with the group? Or could it be that their main in-ring competition for the past two months has been a comedy team? Maybe I just like Wade Barrett, I don't know.

- Following up on Nexus, what happened to Otunga's rebellion? Did he not want to seize control of the group after all?

- Is anyone buying the idea that the Corre is about four equals? Will they slowly ease Barrett into a leadership role? Hell, is he there already?

How do you rank this week's edition of Raw? Did it get you hyped for the Royal Rumble event? What are your predictions for the Rumble match and the WWE Championship match? Feel free to discuss this and other points from this week.