Will the Carolina Panthers fall apart with Steve Smith back

Bob BaumbargerContributor ISeptember 17, 2008

I heard on a local radio sport program that I won't name.

They were talking about the Panthers winning the last two games without Steve Smith and that they played as a team and did ever well.

They were also saying that they think that the Panthers are going to fall apart with Smith back because it's going to be all about him again and not the team.

They said he was another TO and they will not win another game with him on the field because it will be all about him, not the team.  I do not believe that at all!!

That's crazy, I thought, so I wanted to know what you all think.

I don't think Smith has ever been like TO.  Comparing Smith to TO is crazy.  

I don't think Smith is a ball hog and will not cry about not getting the ball. He was there in 2003; he knows that the Panthers want to run the ball first and pass second.

He has never complained about that in the past so why would they think that the team will fall apart with him back now?

I truly believe that the Panthers will be even better with Smith back and there will NOT be any problems.  

I think it will open the running game up even more -- even play action, which will get Smith and other receivers the ball.  

I think the Panthers with Smith back will get over 130 yards rushing per game and not only will the running game be a Top 10 running offense, but the whole offense will be a top ten team.  

i guess we will see.

Why that radio sports talk show would think that is beyond me -- it is crazy!!

The Panthers will be fine and I still think they will go 10-6 or even a lot better and right now they have a very good chance to win the NFC South.

This is my first time writing!! but when I heard this crap on the radio I just had to see what all the other Panther fans think So will the Carolina Panthers fall apart with Smith back? I DON'T THINK SO!!! they will be even better in week 3 with him back.