Kosuke Fukudome: The 48 Million Dollar Bench Player

Michael WagnerSenior Analyst ISeptember 17, 2008

Kosuke Fukudome was supposed to be a cross between Hideki Matsui and Ichiro Suzuki but now he is looking like a cross between Tysuyoshi Shinjo and So Taguchi. 

Fukudome hasn't started a game for the Cubs since September 10th and he has been batting an awful .111 during the month of September. 

When Lou Pinella was asked about the struggling Fukudome and he said, "All year I've played everybody. Now I'll play the people that I feel can help us the most offensively. He'll get back in there, but I'm looking to win baseball games now. This is no longer a situation where you can experiment too much."

Fukudome has been entering games after the 7th inning or so for his glove in the field. Lately it has been a combination of Soriano, Johnson, DeRosa, Pie and Edmonds...no Fukudome in sight.

The Cubs are more focused on reaching the World Series than the feelings of a one player. If the Cubs can seal a World Series Championship then no one will care about the signing of Fukudome and maybe after a season in the major he can improve upon his struggles.

Even though the Cubs do not want to kill Fukudome's confidence, they have more important things to worry about. As long as Fukudome's glove is good he will be in games, just not getting any at-bats.