Australian Open 2011: Caroline Wozniacki and 25 Most Bodacious Tennis Bodies

Wes ODonnell@wesodonnellFeatured ColumnistJanuary 26, 2011

Australian Open 2011: Caroline Wozniacki and 25 Most Bodacious Tennis Bodies

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    Caroline Wozniacki is in the semifinals of the 2011 Australian Open trying to defend her No. 1 world ranking.

    She will face Na Li (No. 11) in one semifinals matchup, while Vera Zvonareva (No. 2) will play Kim Clijsters (No. 3) in the other.

    The Danish tennis star has never won a Grand Slam despite the No. 1 ranking and has a lot of pressure riding on her.

    Tennis is all well and good, and I'm excited to see who wins, but more importantly, how does Wozniacki stand up against the other gorgeous females she is ranked ahead of?

    Let's find out in our look at the 25 most bodacious bodies in tennis.

25. Magdalena Rybarikova

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    The No. 106-ranked tennis player in world is No. 25 on our list.

    At 22 years old, this Slovakian star can still make some serious noise and will continue to garner the attention of the male fanbase with pictures like this.

24. Anna Chakvetadze

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    This Russian 23-year-old is the No. 57 player in the world right now but got as high as No. 5 in early 2007.

    She may not be too well known, but her assets on the court certainly make her fun to watch if you get a chance to see her.

23. Samantha Stosur

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    The world's sixth-ranked player is the ripped-up 26-year-old Australian. She can play tennis, look good and probably beat you in an arm-wrestling competition.

    She graces us with her presence here at No. 23.

22. Sania Mirza

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    The 24-year-old Indian tennis star has fallen a bit in a recent years, but she's always a sight when steps back on the court.

    In a game dominated by tall blonde Russians, Mirza holds her own.

21. Agnes Szavay

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    The 22-year-old Hungarian is ranked No. 37 in the world right now.

    She brings a fantastic body to the court and a smile worth staring at for days.

20. Ioana Raluca Olaru

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    No. 20 on our list has taken a bit of tumble in the world rankings, but she looked mighty fine doing do.

    The young, 21-year-old Romanian still has plenty of time to become a tennis power, and in the meantime she will just have to settle for looking good while playing.

19. Marta Domachowska

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    The Polish tennis star has not played as well as she would like, but she certainly offers a lot of goods to the crowd.

    If we're ranking hot bodies in the tennis world, there has to be a place for Marta in the top 20 thanks to her, well, assets on the court.

18. Jelena Jankovic

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    It's all about the body with the world's No. 8 tennis player.

    While she does not keep a lot of people excited from the neck up, she certainly locks it down with her body, on and off the court.

17. Serena Williams

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    Serena can do it all. She wins on the court, looks good off it and keeps her body in top shape.

    When there is a list ranking tennis players, she is almost always going to make her presence felt.

16. Dominika Cibulkova

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    This Slovakian tennis star is the No. 32-ranked female in the world right now but is No. 16 on our bodacious bodies list.

    She is still looking for that first career Grand Slam victory, but we will keep our eyes on her, most likely because we cannot keep them off her when she is on.

15. Sabine Lisicki

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    This stunning German tennis player has fallen down the rankings a bit, but we still love her for everything else.

    Hair, smile and dresses that simply say, "I'm hot and I know it."

14. Victoria Azarenka

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    The world's No. 9 player brings a lot of fire and intensity to the court.

    For us, she brings a lot of hotness and a slamming body at almost six feet tall. We hope she continues her inspired play.

13. Elena Vesnina

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    One of the many blondes making moves on this list, the 24-year-old is a gorgeous competitor on the court.

    A slamming body with talent behind her, she enjoys tanning on beaches full of rocks; good luck to anyone trying to approach her.

12. Gisela Dulko

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    The 25-year-old Argentine holds strong at No. 12 on our list and is No. 52 in the world right now.

    She happens to be damn good at doubles as well and is currently the No. 1-ranked player in the world; we concur and would gladly play doubles with her any time.

11. Nicole Vaidisova

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    She reached No. 7 in 2007 before slowly falling away and eventually retiring a year ago.

    Her career did not go as planned, but the six-foot blonde's legs were something to watch.

10. Tatiana Golovin

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    Tatiana actually covers two platforms here; not only is she a gorgeous French tennis player with a slamming body, but she is a soccer WAG as well.

    She hasn't been ranked too high as of late, but she has posed for Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition, and that certainly works for us.

9. Alona Bondarenko

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    I don't typically register any K-Swiss ads when they come on, but this is a great job of attracting attention.

    The 26-year-old Ukrainian certainly looks phenomenal lying in front of the net like that, and we figure she must be pretty good too; she's No. 43 in the world.

8. Elena Dementieva

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    This gorgeous blonde Russian just retired from the sport a year ago but still deserves our recognition.

    At almost six feet tall, there is nothing not like about her slamming body.

7. Ana Ivanovic

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    The sexy 23-year-old Serbian, and former world No. 1, brings a lot more to the court than just a mean tennis game.

    She has no problem posing for pictures, and we cannot blame her with a body like that.

    Let's hope she continues to play at a high level so we can see more of her.

6. Olga Poutchkova

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    Her tennis game fell off a cliff after the 2006 season, but we certainly wouldn't mind a comeback from No. 6 on our list.

    A professional model as well as a tennis player, her body is certainly in fantastic shape, and whether or not she gets it together on the court again, we're sure we'll see her again somewhere.

5. Caroline Wozniacki

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    The world's No. 1 isn't just good; she's gorgeous too. 

    While she does not get the distinction of No. 1 on this list, we hope she continues to play good tennis so we can continue to see her scream and play with a racket and balls.

4. Ashley Harkleroad

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    This sultry American became the first tennis star to pose for Playboy.

    The rest is history, and there should be very little argument as to why she is on this list.

3. Daniela Hantuchova

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    Not many girls pull off the Nike symbol as well as Daniela does on the court, and she pulls off every outfit off the court as well.

    She is ranked No. 31 in the world right now but is the No. 3 bodacious body on our list.

2. Maria Sharapova

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    The 23-year-old Russian, and former holder of the No. 1 overall ranking, would have been tops on this list too if not for the appearance of another Russian (one who beat her in 2010 as well).

    Like her serve, her body is slamming and is always a favorite for the top three on any list that features "tennis," "body" or "hot."

1. Maria Kirilenko

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    Words would likely do injustice to the No. 1 body on our list.

    She also happens to be the world's No. 19 overall tennis player and is as good-looking as any woman can be.