Its the bench for Jackson.

Andy SmithCorrespondent ISeptember 17, 2008

*****On Sunday when the offense of the Minnesota Vikings takes the field against the Carolina Panthers they will be with out their young starter Tavaris Jackson. In his place the 15 year veteran Gus Ferotte will start. Minnesota Coach Brad Childress decided to pull the plug on the "jackson experiment" after an 0-2 record and two poor performances by the young quarterback. Jackson in those two games went for 308 yards, one touchdown, one interception and a 64.8 passer rating in those two games. Its been a grueling two weeks watching this so called "experiment" as a vikings fan and its about time! The Franchise cannot sit around and watch their season die down the drain! The team has a twin headed terror in the back- field with running back sensation Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor. They have a stacked and strong offensive line with Matt Burk,Steve Hutchinson, Bryant Mckinnie, and Ryan Cook. You  also have a strong run stopping defense with newly acquired and  the highly paid BEAST Jarred Allen, the Williams brothers(Pat and Kevin) who you know will rush up the middle on ya, and Ray Edwards. And Darren sharper, and the rest of the pass defense. The Minnesota Vikings have a stellar team they just need a quarterback who can guide them and lead them every Sunday! Gus Ferotte could be the key to this teams success, not permanently but at least for this year. So grab some bench Tjack, its going to be a long season for you, and don't forget your note pad and pen because you might want  do some learning from a veteran!