Tarvaris Jackson Takes a Seat in Minnesota

John TylerContributor ISeptember 17, 2008

Gus Frerotte was named the starting quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings today, which means Tarvaris Jackson will be on the sideline for the next few weeks—possibly the rest of the season.

Now, I’m not one to call out another person when they make a mistake (so I will not mention any names), but earlier this year, a member of the Bleacher Report community wrote an article that made me question their knowledge on Jackson and the entire NFC North for that matter.

The article made the claim that Tarvaris Jackson was the best quarterback in the NFC North. After reading this article, I was forced to leave comments explaining why I felt Tarvaris Jackson was the worst QB in the NFC North and possibly the worst starting QB in the entire NFL.

I mean seriously, how bad do you have to be to get replaced by Gus Frerotte after only two games.

Gus is by no means a good option for any team with aspirations of making the playoffs.  Over his 14-year career he has been able to complete 54 percent of his passes and has a QB rating of 74.3. These numbers are average at best.

Frerotte’s mediocrity can only further validate the argument that Jackson was never the top QB in the NFC North or even close by any means.

Now, I don’t want to suggest that Tarvaris Jackson will never become a good or maybe an average quarterback in the NFL one day. Actually, that’s exactly what I am trying to suggest, because Tarvaris Jackson is a horrible QB.       

And maybe one day he will prove me wrong and become the best quarterback of all time, and somebody can write an article on Bleacher Report that indirectly/directly criticizes my football knowledge.

In closing, if you get nothing else from this article or any of my other articles that I have published, allow me to leave you with this one message: DON’T BELIVE EVERYHITNG YOU SEE ON ESPN.