Jay Cutler Knee-Gate Saga Continues: Cutler Spotted Walking Up Flight of Stairs

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Jay Cutler Knee-Gate Saga Continues: Cutler Spotted Walking Up Flight of Stairs
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

In what is already a public relations nightmare, Jay Cutler's image continues to be tarnished. 

Instantly after Cutler was removed from Sunday's NFC Championship game against the Packers, the Internet exploded from fans to athletes, claiming Cutler does not possess any physical toughness.  Criticism mounted questioning if Cutler had any passion for the game he plays. 

On Monday, we all learned Cutler suffered from a grade II tear in his knee, which means it would be very difficult to stabilize his knee, plant his foot and he would not be mobile during a football game. 

However, the controversy surrounding Cutler grew full steam today.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting Cutler was dining at Mastro's Steakhouse in Chicago after the game, where he was spotted walking up a flight of stairs.  The article goes on to say Cutler was not in crutches, but he "limped a little bit." 

One would have to take this with a grain of salt as it does not take that much effort to walk up a step of stairs.  On the contrary, this just feeds the critics of Cutler who have been harsh on him.  

We should expect articles in the next few days asking if he was able to walk up a flight of stairs, he should have been able to play a game of football as well.

I think Cutler should stay indoors until this all blows over.

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