The Top 5 Cities To Be a Sports Fan

Brian SausaCorrespondent ISeptember 17, 2008

Some cities are great places to be a sports fan. Conversely, others are not so great. Either it's a very small market, the team is bad, or there is just not a high demand for franchises. Here, we want to stick with the good cities for sports. So here (in my opinion) are the top five cities to be a sports fan in these modern times (the last 10-15 years).

5. Detroit

Everyone disses Detroit when it comes to this argument. Granted, the Lions do play there and haven't been good in many years since Barry Sanders left football. The Tigers aren't terrible, they did go to the World Series in 2006 and have had recent success, but nothing major. Despite this, the Pistons and Red Wings are both very good teams in their respective sports. The Pistons won the championship in 2004 and are one of the best teams not just in the Eastern Conference, but the entire NBA. The Pistons have won their division four years in a row now and are an insanely good team. Not to mention, the Palace at Auburn Hills is one of the hardest places to go win a game. The same can be said for Joe Louis Arena, home of the Red Wings. They have won their division every year with one exception (2004-2005) since 2000. The Red Wings are a force to be reckoned with in the NHL and teams do n ot look forward to playing them anytime, but especially in the playoffs. Since 1996, they have won the Stanley Cup four times. The most recent being this past May, where they beat the Pittsburgh Penguins. These two teams are awesome and carry the city, even if the kings of the jungle have been sleeping for more than a decade. Fans here shouldn't be too mad, I'm sure the Red Wings will win three out of the next five Stanley Cups.

4. Philadelphia

Philly has quietly gotten better in sports in recent years. The Flyers came back after a terrible season and made it to the playoffs with a great season. They will be decent for years to come with a good goalie and good team leadership overall. A top three team in the Atlantic division definitely. The 76ers even made it to the postseason and are also competitive in the Atlantic division, just in the NBA and not the NHL. They have survived without Allen Iverson and it contributes to the city's reputation as a good sports city. The Eagles are always in contention and it is an exciting place to be a football fan. Their team is always in a dogfight for the NFC East and it is fun to watch that team. The main team in Philadelphia is now the Phillies. They came back and won the division last year and even though they got killed in the playoffs, they are a team on the rise with young stars. That is a team that is going to be in the for 7 or 8 in the MLB for the next 5-10 years. Philadelphia is a good city to be a fan because even though a ton of championships aren't won, all the teams are always competitive and in the hunt for the playoffs. You can't ask for much more than that. Other than a championship, or course. I do n ot like Philadelphia at all. In fact, I dislike it. However, I have been there many times and they do love their teams so I'll give them that. The fans are sometimes the biggest idiots around, but its out of love for the home team.

3. Chicago

In Chicago, most of the teams are good. We know about Michael Jordan and the Bulls of the 90s so I'm not even going to go over the Bulls. They aren't a bad Eastern Conference team but they aren't exactly a good one again either. The Cubs have not won a World Series since 1908 of course, so I wont go over that either. They have been in the playoffs a lot recently, and I really do think it is almost their time. Not this year though. The White Sox have enjoyed a great amount of success recently and won the World Series in 2005. They are good again this year and have hopes of making another World Series run, just like the Cubbies. The Bears are the team doing well in Chicago as of late, minus last year. They lost Super Bowl XLI but they were awesome this year and will soon get a quarterback within the next year or two. The Blackhawks are not great but definitely a team on the rise, a lot of talent there. It seems like this actually wouldn't be a good place to be a sports fan being that there hasn't been a great deal of success here. But it is still great in Chicago because everyone there is so passionate and the Cubs fans are the most loyal fans in sports, hands down. They love their teams so much and deserve more success as a sports city. Look for it soon with the Cubs, White Sox and Blackhawks.

2. New York

New York has many sports teams. As of late, none of them haven't wont championships but there is something more about this city that makes it a great place to be a fan. Obviously, there are the Yankees. Playoffs every year since 1995 and four World Series titles, including a three-peat from 1998-2000. The most successful sports franchise ever. There are the Mets, who were just a game away from the World Series in 2006 and will be there within the next couple of years. We all know the Knicks haven't been good since 1998, and they do not contribute to this at all in any way other than they play at Madison Square Garden. The Rangers of course won the Stanley Cup in 1994 and the Islanders not since 1983, but neither one of these teams has enjoyed much success in recent years. Both teams do remain competitive in the playoff hunt, at the least. The Giants have been in the playoffs three years in a row and most recently won Super Bowl XLII and ruined the New England Patriots perfect season. The Jets haven't been great recently with the exception of making the playoffs two out of the last five years, but they are a team on the rise with Brett Favre. The real reason that New York is great for fans is because there is always another season coming, which means another team to root for. The four major sports all have teams and seasons that you can look forward to. Three of those sports have more than one team in these sports. There are many idiots, and fans that know nothing in New York City, nobody can tell you different, but it is out of excitement for their team (most of the time at least). There is no place like New York in the sense that there are no fans in any place that want their teams to win more. The fans want and need and depend on victories. And that kind of love for your team(s) makes it a great place to be a sports fan.

1. Boston

THE NEW YORKER PUT BOSTON #1!? Yes, I did and I didn't have a problem doing so being that I am not a Yankees fan. Boston has enjoyed the most recent success in multiple sports, so it is the best place to be a sports fan right now. The Bruins have not been great lately, but made the playoffs this past year and are an impressive team. Up and coming in the Eastern Conference of the NHL. The Red Sox ended the agony and broke the Curse of the Bambino in 2004, winning the World Series after an insane comeback after being down 3-0 in the ALCS to the Yankees. Again they won it all in 2007 and could possibly do it again this year. They are one of the best teams in baseball and look to remain that for several years to come. The Celtics were one of the worst teams in the NBA for about ten years until this past season. They put together an unreal team and breezed their way to an NBA title led by their big three. They will be the most talented team in the league for the next few years and will definitely be winning another championship shortly. Finally the Celtic fans were able to come out of hiding and put the green and white back on. I think everyone thought there was no such thing as a Celtic fan until the end of 2007 came. Though not too loyal, very happy I must say with all the success. And here we are, the New England Patriots. The most successful football team in the last ten years no doubt. They always have a great team and have an amazing playoff run, there's no denying that. They have won the AFC East every year but one (2002) since 2001. They won Super Bowls XXXVI, XXXVIII, and XXXIX. They are the most recent form of a sports dynasty. The Patriots are greatly coached, whether or not he is an idiot doesn't matter. There is not much more to say about this organization. But now the Patriot fans, opposite of Celtic fans, are just coming out of hiding after the loss to the Giants in the Super Bowl. No Pat fan really had anything to say after that and didn't say much all off season either. After all that talking during the year, I guess they were just tired. Boston's fans can sometimes be extremely rude and annoying, especially when they are such front runners (except for the Red Sox fans -they are very, very loyal). Nonetheless, it is the best city in modern times in the United States to be a sports fan.

One more thing on Boston: even the New England Revolution, their MLS team, is good. That is when you know it is going good for your city.

Honorable Mention

San Antonio: For a team with one big-time franchise, the people there love the professional sports world because their only team is always good. The Spurs is all that is needed in San Antonio.

Los Angeles: The people out there are so laid back, sports isn't really the first thing on their mind, plus aside from the Angels and Lakers, none of their teams are good at all. There isn't a huge demand for the teams, even in a huge city like that. People don't care about it as much. Still many choices of teams, and many people to root if they ever wanted to.

St. Louis: Cardinals won the World Series in 2006 and remain one of the top teams in the National League. The Rams are terrible, the Blues aren't great, but there are still many good sports fans in St. Louis.