Is Kiffin a genious?

Mike SommersContributor ISeptember 17, 2008

Oh my what a bunch of media crap!!!... As of now Lane Kiffin is the coach and he is the best one in years. The reality is that our Raider team is nothing like it has been over the last 5 years and it gives us hope.

We all saw how the Raiders played last Sunday. I ask you, could it be that kiffin took a chance, aired out the defensive responsibilities to the media and put pressure on ryan to perform? Maybe ryan was using a tactic to make Kiffin look bad by giving up 44 friggin points. Do you think so? Or maybe Ryan used the Denver massacre to get Kiffins' job? Do you think it is possible that Kiffin said "Screw that" and put blame where it belongs... on Ryan! (and ryan accepeted it). What happens then is a complete reversal of the defensive scheme we had versus Denver, and our defense came out firing on all cylinders! What a beautiful site to see as a Raider fan. Hope restored!

I do agree however that none of us like a coach using the media to air out the dirty laundry but maybe, just maybe it needed to happen to get this team and staff off its asssss and start winning!!!

As a side note: If we miss the playoffs by one game and reflect back to the Denver game, do we pat Ryan on the back for accepting his horrific coaching like a man? or pat Kiffin on the back for calling him out to get us going??

Just a different angle on the whole drama..