What Can We Expect from Donington Park's Formula One Course in 2010

mike barkerContributor ISeptember 17, 2008

As 2010 looms, I take a look at what Donington Park can bring to the British Grand Prix, a daunting prospect for most Formula One fans and an exciting one for others.

Donington Ventures Leisure Ltd. has submitted the plans for phase one of the track redevelopment and a new track layout. The plans to spend £100 million has my mouth watering at what the track can bring to Formula One.

Most of us were shocked when we were told that Silverstone had lost the British Grand Prix and felt sad, but that soon passed and the excitement of a new track and indeed race circuit took hold.

For many years, Silverstone has tried in vain to live up to other circuits around the world and has struggled to bring its amenities up to date, therefore handing the baton to Donington. But it's only going to be Donington in name as everything about the Leicstershire circuit will be changing, with new pits that will be state of the art and no less than six new grandstands seating over 70,000 people around the circuit.

Donington Park itself has said it will be one of the most exciting tracks in the world and every inch will hold a new challenge for drivers.

So as we say goodbye to Silverstone next year, we say hello and welcome to Donington Park, the pinnacle of British motor sport.