The Hunt for October: American League Central Division

Gavin Campbell Jr.Contributor ISeptember 17, 2008

Let me start with the American League Central Division. To be honest, it's been like watching two heavyweight contenders duke it out...and now it's entered the final stages of the match, with both heavyweights bloodied and tired.

First, the Minnesota Twins started the month of September by getting swept away by next year's contenders, the Toronto Blue Jays. Then they went on to drop two out of three games to the Detroit Tigers, whom many thought would be at the top of the Central Division right now. I guess that's why games are not played on paper.

Anyway, the Twins have only won nine of their last 20 games, and it did look like the Chicago White Sox were going to pull away from the struggling Twins.

But not so fast. The White also came across the red-hot Blue Jays last week, dropping the day-night double-header and losing three of four games to Toronto. That allowed the Twins back into the heavyweight match and, therefore, a shot at the division lead.

The two teams have one last head-to-head matchup left this season. So let's just say things are looking good for both fans of the Twins and White Sox; next week's three-game series will probably determine who wins the AL Central Division crown.

Since we all like predictions, here's my pick: The Chicago White Sox.

Despite dealing with injuries to MVP candidate Carlos Quentin and first baseman Paul Konerko, the White Sox do have a guy by the name of Ozzie who can go on one of his infamous rants at the right time and get this team on a serious run to wind up in the World Series.

Wouldn't it be something to see the Cubs and White Sox in an all-Chicago World Series?