Baseball playoff run heats up: Who’s Hot Who’s not?

josh millarSenior Analyst ISeptember 17, 2008

AS baseball regular season winds down and baseball’s playoff race heats up some teams are hot Others are not.

Who’s HOT: Chicago Cubs: After a cool spell in mid August the Cubs appear to be back they’ve all but clinched the  NL Central and are baseball’s most complete team. They have a solid lineup 1 through 9.

They’re ball pen includes hard throwers Jeff Samardzija and Carlos Marmol with rested closer Kerry Wood a trio reminiscent of the Cincinnati Reds “Nasty Boys” of 1990.

To top it they have a manager who knows how to win. Lou Pinella.

HOT: Philadelphia Phillies Theyve over taken the Mets or first place and have something to prove after being swept in the 2007 NLDS by Colorado.

HOT: Tampa Bay Rays: They’ve all but secured a playoff spot this team is young. No expectations no pressure. Opponents beware

HOT: Baseball’s forgotten team The LA Angels. Already clinched. Mike Scoscia is the best manager in baseball bar none. He gets everything from everyone.


Who’s not: Boston Red Sox : It would seem Big Papi has post Manny blues, he’s struggling when he struggles so does the rest of the lineup. They have questions about pitching too.

Milwaukee Brewers: This team has pushed the panic button. Firing manager Ned Yost at this time Not smart. This tea is young, you just gave them more tension, kiss the playoffs goodbye.

In the same boat The New York Mets  players win games but good job by the media to help out their team.