An Idea for Future NASCAR Cafes and Sports Grilles

Nikki HechtCorrespondent ISeptember 17, 2008

I've returned from sunny warm, gorgeous, hurricane-free Orlando :)  With a sunburn (who am I kidding.  I'm as red as Kasey Kahne's car!)  a little sadness (I can't believe I'm back home already!)  and a weird feeling after leaving the NASCAR Sports Grille, which leads me to my point.... 

I have a suggestion for anyone who wants to start a grille, restaurant, cafe, diner anything like that... PLEASE DO NOT PUT PICTURES OF NASCAR DRIVERS IN THE BATHROOMS!!! Especially when they are hanging high enough to look into the stall.  It's weird and yeah it's just weird. 

At the Grille at the City Walk in Orlando, you walk up some stairs and see newspaper articles and pictures about Adam Petty, Dale Earnhardt Sr., Dale Jr.'s Busch Series fire suit (I know it's the Nationwide series now, but when Jr. ran, it was Busch. He's a two- time Busch champion, not a two-time Nationwide series champ.) 

It's really cool and it totally appeals to my not-so-inner NASCAR geek.  There were articles on the wall from the '79 Daytona 500, pictures of the Alabama Gang.  It was great! 

You go up and I got lost (not a surprise there). Finally, I find the bathroom after being sidetracked by the hundreds...okay, 20 NASCAR bobble-heads in a display case. Bobby Labonte as a bobble-head is disturbing. 

I walk into the bathroom to do my business, only to look up and see Kasey Kahne looking down into my stall.  It was unnerving, so please, for the love of everything that is holy and unholy, if you're going to open a eating establishment and put pictures of drivers, actors, whatever up... Please do not put them so they are looking down into the bathroom stalls.  It's weird! 

I promise after I've had some sleep and am less red, I'll post an actual article perhaps one that goes in the Over the Pit Wall Series :)