Formula One 2011: Prepare for a Higher Definition

Michael RobertsContributor IJanuary 25, 2011

F1 goes HD
F1 goes HDMark Thompson/Getty Images

So it has finally happened. After a not inconsiderable wait Formula One Management (FOM) have decided to upgrade their kit to provider broadcasters around the world with a High Definition feed. In many respects Formula One is all about cutting edge technology however it still fails to be cutting edge when dealing with a growing fan base.

The official Formula One website has, for some time, been underwhelming and the main problem is that it is overly stylised and lacking in content and features. The current generation of fans expect a multimedia hub with with plenty of video and interactive content, which is updated on a regular basis. Unfortunately despite the rise and rise of Youtube, the men at FOM like to keep their video off the Internet and only give us access to 2 minute video edits every other week between March and November. 

They might have got away with it but thankfully other motor sport ventures are less protective and while might be turning away the punters, the webmasters at and are more than happy to provide all their content streamed online for all to see. What's really worrying for the Formula One's stakeholders is that not only are the GT1 and Superleague championships providing all their content online but the action on track tends to be far more exciting.

Food for thought.