Timothy Bradley Vs. Devon Alexander: 10 Reasons Bradley's The Clear Favorite

Ron millerContributor IJanuary 26, 2011

Timothy Bradley Vs. Devon Alexander: 10 Reasons Bradley's The Clear Favorite

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    Desert Storm!!John Gichigi/Getty Images

    Hello fight fans! The champ is back on the scene. However, the more things change, the more they stay the same. The heavyweight division and the fans miss Lennox Lewis, Floyd Mayweather Jr. may be perhaps on permanent time out and Manny Pacquiao is rolling along. Evander Holyfield won't retire and Roy Jones Jr. is in the booth. Lets hope he stays there.

    It's not all gloom and doom, however. We have 2 undefeated(1 NC for Bradley), Junior/Light welterweight's, , going at it this weekend with unification at stake. Title vs Title. This match up could be Fight of the Year type of material. Both are young, evenly matched and close to their primes. Its a boxing fan's dream. While other "big" fights may not have quite lived up to the hype, let's hope this one does. There is nothing better than rolling into work on a Monday morning and talking about the weekend's main event. I remember doing this all the time, when a young Mike Gerard Tyson burst on the scene.

    As some of you may know, I do like to wager on sports, especially the fights. There is nothing else like it,unless you are actually attending the event. While most "sports experts" on TV, online or the radio give you their 'picks', they rarely back them up with cold hard cash. I do. Its one thing to like a fighter or run your mouth. It's quite another to put your money on the line, to back up your opinion's with a bet, or to "put up or shut up", if you will. I've been doing it for years. Just remember these are my opinions, so please follow your own. It is your money, so it should be YOUR decision.

Witter Tastes The Power Of Tim Bradley

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    Bradley is the better boxer (vs Junior Witter)John Gichigi/Getty Images

    1) Bradley is the more polished fighter, at this point. Devon Alexander is still a bit "green", meaning he can still learn a bit. I don't think he is in his prime. Bradley is the better boxer and has more fights at this point. He is also older, and not in a bad way, either. It's not like he is pushing 40. The chalk in this fight is Tim Bradley (27-0 with 11 wins by KO and 1 no contest). The possible live underdog is Devon Alexander(21-0 with 13 wins by KO). Early money has pushed Bradley to almost a 2-1 betting favorite.

Tim Bradley Unleashed!!

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    TB at his best..John Gichigi/Getty Images

    2) Bradley has the experience. He is 4 years older than Devon and has 5 more fights, but more importantly has fought 58 more rounds. Devon does have the reach and height advantage, 1 inch in ht., and 2 inches in reach. I also like "Desert Storm's" resume a bit better. He has been through the fire. If the fight goes 12 heats, who would you rather have backed? When the championship rounds are coming up, we know who has the heart and guts. Can Devon Alexander withstand the heat? The pressure?

Bradley Getting It Done!

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    Tim Bradley at workJohn Gichigi/Getty Images

    3) Bradley has the stamina and conditioning edge. Tim is a gym rat who loves to train whether he is in camp or not. His recuperative powers were on display when he was dropped early by Kendall Holt. While most men may have been down for the count, with that picture perfect left hook, Tim jumped back up, took control and won the fight (even after tasting the canvas again in the 12th). His style is he will come after you for 12 rounds. Can Alexander hang? I have my doubts.

Witter on the Canvas

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    John Gichigi/Getty Images

    4) Tim Bradley has the heavier hands and his nickname is "Desert Storm". He is on you like white on rice. Every minute, of every round. He does not get tired. Devon while athletic, ie: Roy Jones Jr, will be tested like never before. Can he throw his jab against the counter punching Bradley? Tim is also a good body puncher, which may slow down the more quicker Alexander, as the fight goes on. Bradley is just so much of a complete fighter vs the flashy, quick southpaw.

Witter Tastes The Mat!!

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    John Gichigi/Getty Images

    5) Tim Bradley has the better chin and heart. He has shown he can shake off early knockdowns, and late one's as well, to emerge victorious. Devon on the other hand, struggled with Andriy Kotelnik, in a fight he was supposed to dominate at home. Lastly I think Alexander's defense is a bit leaky, which is not good against a above average technical boxer like Bradley. He cannot afford to make mistakes, as Tim will take full advantage of them.

Chop Chop Corley Eats The Vaunted Uppercut...

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    Al Bello/Getty Images

    6) Devon Alexander will stop Tim Bradley with his uppercut since Holt landed one. Don't let this statement fool you. While Devon has a excellent uppercut, his vaunted punch won't win him this fight. Team Bradley is well aware of this, I'm sure. There was another fighter who had problems with this punch. His name? Some fighter known as Manny Pacquiao. He did just fine when he fought Miguel Cotto and Joshua Clottey, both known to deliver this devastating punch.

Alexander Sizing Up Andriy "Andreas" Kotelnik

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    Elsa/Getty Images

    7) Alexander is the younger, more hungrier man who is more athletic. Devon may prove to be great in the future. However we are talking about now, in the moment. Is he more athletic than Tim? Sure, however he is NO Roy Jones Jr. Not even close. But then again, nobody is. Younger? Yes. Doesn't mean better though. Means he may make more mistakes with his aggressive style. Hungrier? Not even close. Bradley is the consummate professional. He will be on Saturday night.

Alexander Can Talk The Talk..but Can He Walk The Walk??

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    8) Devon is inside Timmy's head. Another ridiculous notion. Just because Tim was a bit more vocal and not as witty as Alexander, doesn't mean anything. Devon has talked a lot of trash pre-fight. He will have to back it up come Saturday night. Easier said than done. Twenty seven men have tried. Twenty seven men have failed. Alexander will be #28.

The Don and Devon

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    9) The fight location favors Devon Alexander. Well sure St. Louis is closer to Detroit than California. That's where it ends though. The judges are not going to bend over backwards for Devon. Don King (who represents Alexander), won't come into play. Gary Shaw (Bradley's promoter) is not worried. This fight may not even go to the scorecards!

Bradley Victorious, Again...

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    Champs Flurries!!

    10) Intangibles: Devon is a southpaw. Bradley is not very experienced here as Junior Witter is the only "switch hitter" that comes to mind. However I'm sure Bradley's camp is well aware of the dangers in fighting a lefty. I'm sure they will have a game plan to negate this possible advantage. Kevin Cunningham vs Joel Diaz are your trainers. The aforementioned promoters, Don King vs Gary Shaw. The location was the site of Wrestlemania III, the Pontiac Silverdome. Team Bradley vs Team Alexander. Will Bradley use the flu as a excuse? Who will make the first mistake? Who's 0 will go? Lots of questions and hopefully I've given you the answers. The time is almost near. All will be revealed soon. Don't miss this fight on HBO!!

    So that's it fight fans!! Keep your hands up, and keep punching for the stars!!

    Ron "the champ" Miller