Red Sox Division Lead Dives in the Ninth

Alex PotterCorrespondent ISeptember 17, 2008

After a pitching duel, which included a Josh Beckett no-hitter through five innings, ended poorly as the greatest bullpen in the league blew it again!

Justin Masterson, who I think is given way too much credit, blew a solid opportunity to come in and get a hold in the bottom of the ninth.

Neither team really had the offensive production they wished they could have had. The Red Sox, more importantly Terry Francona, blew a solid opportunity to let Masterson go in.

With the game on the line I am not sending out an inexperienced pitcher who doesn't belong in the bullpen into the game when you have the opportunity to lead the division for the first time since July 11th.

The Red Sox send Tim Wakefield to the mound tonight. Wakefield, who probably has more starts in Tropicana Field than most of their starters, was very effective in his last start against Texas in a wet and wild win for the Sox last Friday.

Hopefully he will go another solid eight innings for us tonight. Offensively the Sox, who might have tired themselves out on Monday, need to step up and deliver for at least 12 hits in order to beat this upstart Rays team that isn't giving up just yet.


-Alex Potter