Green Bay Packers Tie Gets Salesman Fired in Chicago: Green and Gold = No Job

Jeffrey BatheContributor IIIJanuary 25, 2011

The tie in question.
The tie in question.

On Monday morning, Green Bay Packer fans across the country were still enjoying the fact that their team had beaten the Chicago Bears to earn a trip to Super Bowl XLV. John Stone was no exception, he decided to wear a tie to Green Bay Packers tie to work. This was done to celebrate the Packers win and to honor his grandmother, who was a Packer fan and had passed away last week.

When Stone showed up to work at Webb Chevrolet in Oak Lawn, a Chicago suburb, he was told to go to the general manager's office. Jerry Roberts, the dealership's general manager, told him to take the tie off or he was going to be fired.

Stone thought his boss was joking and went back to work. Within an hour, he was directed again to take the tie off. When he refused, he was fired.

In a conversation with WGN-TV in Chicago, Roberts said that the dealership had done work with the Bears previously and that it as not appropriate for Stone to wear something that was in contrast to the advertising campaign.

Was it appropriate for John Stone to get fired or was the general manager out of line? Is it a freedom of expression or is it a dress-code violation? Your thoughts?