Utah State Aggies Possibly Joining Mountain West Means WAC Is Withering Away?

Anthony RainwaterCorrespondent IJanuary 25, 2011

12 Sep 1998:  Tony Walker #1 of the Utah State Aggies in action during the game against the New Mexico Lobos at the University Stadium in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Lobos defeated the Aggies 39-36.
Marc Piscotty/Getty Images

There are reports coming from Logan, Utah that talks are occurring between the MWC and Utah State about a possible inclusion into the conference.  As of today, there is no word that Utah State has had an offer presented to them, but it's safe to say that once an offer is presented, they will more than likely accept.  The talks are supposed to wrap up today. 

Could the MWC expand to an 11-team conference come 2012?  How does this affect the MWC?  What will happen to the WAC with four of its most popular teams jumping ship?

I think without a doubt that if an offer is given to Utah State, they will accept.  It makes sense.  You have a conference that is runner-up in popularity to the Pac-12 out here in the western half of the United States.  A conference that has shown resilience, even after losing powerhouses like TCU, Utah and BYU.  Not only will it give Utah State better recognition, but they'll face better competition and have more national exposure due to the MWC's contract with their own TV network. 

This could also potentially increase their opportunity to land better recruits.  I'm sure they'll also want to jump a sinking ship in the WAC.  There is no way of knowing what will happen to that conference, so there has to be an urgency in any WAC team to leave.

Now this move won't make the MWC any better in terms of competition, but it does bring the MWC closer to having the 12 teams it desires.  It also helps the MWC retain some of the Utah TV market that it lost with Utah and BYU leaving the conference.  The more money the MWC can obtain, the better. 

But what would happen to the WAC if this offer is extended to Utah State?  Will the WAC dilute the FBS by bringing up FCS schools to fill these voids?  Or will the MWC absorb the rest of the WAC to make the country's first super conference?  There's a lot of speculation and questions that need to be answered and many of them might be answered by the end of the day.  Any way you want to look at it, the MWC is getting stronger and there is optimism once again for the conference.