Daily Haze: Where Does Jay Cutler Go From Here?

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Daily Haze: Where Does Jay Cutler Go From Here?
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The Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers punched their tickets to the Super Bowl this past weekend. It is really, really hard to overshadow the accomplishments of those two teams.

But Jay Cutler figured out a way to do it.

Fair or not, Cutler was wrecked by current and former players on Twitter when he was unable to finish the NFC Championship game for the Bears. Turns out Cutler has a  MCL tear in his knee and did come back onto the field after halftime to try and give it a go.

It was a no go, but the criticism showered upon Cutler like a monsoon.

Personally, I am not sure it was Cutler’s toughness that needed to be questioned (even though he sort of cried about it after the game). Sure, Philip Rivers played with a torn ACL a few years ago. Drew Brees played with a busted MCL this year. But different players have different tolerances for pain. Lots of players miss half a season because of sprained MCLs, much less torn ones.

His body language? Definitely a concern. Cutler wears his attitude on his sleeve, something few successful quarterbacks do at this level. He is who he is at this point, so I think football fans will have to deal with that.

So where does Jay go from here? Lay low for a while? Keep any rehab/surgery/rest on the DL to stay out of the spotlight? Hibernate until training camp? A little vacation time south of the border with girlfriend Kristin Cavallari?

Whatever he does, football fans are unlikely to forget this incident until Cutler puts the pads back on and gets back to work. Fantasy owners especially, many of whom gave up on Cutler and his errant ways long ago.

But a depreciation in value, an event like this tends to be a good thing for fantasy players. Whenever a QB of Cutler’s caliber—and let’s be honest with ourselves, he definitely has QB1 talent—takes a stock hit like this, it is the savvy owners who benefit the most.

Cutler could be a nice late-round steal in drafts next summer.

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